Monday, July 29, 2013

my new chairs!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I snuck in yet another traveling/family post last week that I forgot to post on the fb wall, so check it out if you'd like to see more lake, puppy, fam jam pics! 

I FINALLY stayed in Birmingham this weekend. I feel like it's the first time since May! I got some projects done that I had been wanting to do, like painting this table for the booth:

She desperately needed a makeover. I'm sealing it today, so I'll try to have some pictures of the finished product up this week! 

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend: I sold my leather chairs and was able to put my new midcentury modern beauties in the den! And my new, I mean new to me. They are definitely the real thing. Authentic. Original. Glorious. 

I found them on Auburn's Craigslist. I was helping Murray list his couch, and these were the second listing under furniture (which means they had just been listed). I immediately contacted the girl, because she had them listed for $25 EACH!!!!!! FIFTY DOLLARS FOR BOTH!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! I almost had a fainting spell. My sweet little sissy picked them up for me in Auburn. Looking back, she probably listed them for that low due to the fact that there are a couple of stains on the cushions (I turned them over) and a few worn spots on the arms. I figured someday down the road after I had worn the fabric completely out, I would recover them.

Look at those arm angles!! 

Close up of the fabric. I love that it's original and still in style. Geometrics are definitely in. The fabric has a slight sheen that you can't see in this picture. The light picks up certain triangles depending on which angle you're looking at them. 

 I had originally thought I wanted to dye the fabric since the couches are almost the same color. Once I got them in here, they definitely pick up the couch color, so for now I think I'm just going to leave them as be. I could change my mind down the road though.. 

Diesel modeled amongst the pillows. I had thought to dye the chairs the blue color in these pillows. There is a navy/dark royal dresser in the dining room that would've tied into them as well. 

But when you're in here, the lighter colors really lighten up the space. See how nice they look with the current couch and loveseat? That is Katie's coffee table, and I know she won't always be here, so I'm constantly brainstorming on what to replace it with.. I love glass tables, but I work on string art here, so hammering + glass = no bueno. But that's a problem for another day.

View into the dining room. Please ignore the wood pile(s) and table waiting to be redone back there. The lighting is weird from this angle, but the green room matches the curtains in the den. It's not as kelly green as this angle shows. 

Yet another angle! Gah, I LOVE THEM! 

Hot legs! How many midcentury legs are too many?! 

Don't forget, the TV is also midcentury. I might end up switching out the side table between the chairs so it doesn't look too matchy-matchy. 

I'm still digging this side chair I scored at the thrift store. It hides the junked up gaming shelves so well (wii and xbox at the top, board games at the bottom). I really need a solution to those cords down there. 

I'm about to updated the living room tab at the top with some of these pics, but go click on it if you'd like to see the before pics! One last time of my lovelies: 


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