Thursday, July 25, 2013

lake weekend

Murray and I went to the lake this past weekend, mainly to celebrate my dad's birthday, but also for some delicious food! Yep, my ma and dad's birthdays are within about 3 weeks of each other! They both turned the big 6-0 this year! 

Dad always lights the grill with a propane flame thrower thing. I have no idea what the real name for it is, but it gets the charcoal ready in about 20 seconds.  

We had steaks and corn that Friday night. Afterwards, I worked on my class reunion invitations! My 10 year reunion will be in September this year, and of course I volunteered to do the invites and address the envelopes (along with being on the committee, duh) . I'll post close ups in another post soon! 

I turned around to shout I'M FINISHED! when I saw this.. Dad and Murray sleeping. 

(Yes, the Christmas tree is still up. If you recall from earlier in the year, dad is trying to pull all the needles off so it is a bare branch tree. His deadline was 4th of July, but it's clearly been extended). 

Two of a kind.

Dad is the king of the remote, and his favorite things to watch at the lake is as follows: 

ACM, aka old as dirt movies
black and white movies with no words
SPEED network, aka drag racing or car building stuff
football if it's football season
and rarely, something I choose if he happens to fall asleep

If I had to pick any of the above, it would be football, but naturally that doesn't happen during the summer! (so I guess I'd pick that he'd be asleep so I could choose). This past weekend on Sunday, there was a replay of the best college football games of 2012. WOOO! This was the most interested I'd been in the TV at the lake since Thanksgiving of last year (when there was tons of football to be played). I try so hard to get into the old movies, but when he changes the channel every commercial and doesn't return for 20 minutes, it's really hard to follow! 

Once I realized they were donez-o, I put it on HGTV. Dad promptly woke up an demanded the remote back. #rude

On Saturday, we went to Chuck's Marina for some pizza! It was a gloooorious day! 

Dad and Murray wanted a Chimney Rock pizza (with everything on it) and I wanted a pepperoni one, so we got half and half. Chuck's was PACKED and it took almost an hour to get our food, but it was totally worth it. I made dad smile with his birfday pizza. 

Is that the most epic mustache you've ever seen, or what?!? 

Soooo dad's birthday was 7/17, a Wednesday. I came by the lake the weekend before, and his cousins had thrown him a surprise party! I wasn't able to get there, but I came through the Sunday afterwards (but before his actual bday). I asked him what he wanted for his big 6-0 and he said "ice cream cake".  Done and done. I brought one to the lake for us to eat on all weekend.. 

When we got back to the house after Chuck's, this is what I found. I brought this thing at 6pm on Friday. We left the house at 11am on Saturday on the boat to go to Chuck's...

There were only three of us there. 

This thing was like 20" wide. Dad has no self control when there is ice cream in the freezer.  He ate a couple of slices before dinner (we all did), a couple after, and a couple more around midnight. Murray and him admitted eating more of it for breakfast before I woke up. BASICALLY a cake one would have for 24 or so people lasted us less than 24 hours. haha! 

Murray and I ran up to the gas station before dinner on Saturday. I hung out the window to get these shots.  

The sky was lovely! 

Dad asked what we wanted for dinner on Saturday. He has steak and shrimp. Do yall want both?!? he asked.


Dad buys a whole cut of ribeye at Sam's Club and carves the steak himself. They are DELICIOUS. All he does is sprinkle some garlic salt on them before grilling them about 2 minutes on each side. Rare = perfection in our household. 

He boiled the shrimp, but we also did a batch  on the stovetop. They were equally as yummy. 

Posing! hahaha

I shared this shot on Instagram. We didn't have any sides, unless you count the shrimp! haha That's how we do here. Meatatarians. Yep, that steak is almost bigger than the plate. My mouth is watering just looking at it! You better believe I took all the leftovers home (and fought anyone who tried to eat them before I could bring them up to bham!). 

Sunday we woke up, and it was a bit cloudy in the am, but by lunch it had cleared up! We all went out to enjoy the sun, and naturally I brought along some work to do!

Can you think of a better work space?!? AHHH! 

I have lots of new invites to share, along with some new states of string arts, so look for those coming up! 

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