Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, bloggie!

Today is my 3rd year blogiversary! Happy birthday/anniversary/whatever you want to call it to I Like What I'm Herring! 

Back in 2010, I started this blog to document the adventures of home ownership when my house that I had been in for about 3 months completely fell apart. There was a leak from upstairs, and my 3 roommates and myself had to move out for a month.. into one hotel room.  Then the pipes in the backyard clogged up, sewage came up through the shower and under the toilet, and the entire shebang had to be replaced. In the middle of the other disaster. Needless to say, everything has worked out on the home front! 

Normally I'd do something special for this joyous occasion, butttt I'm midway through a massive order of 57 pieces! FIFTY SEVEN! All shapes and sizes. The majority are for Auburn Art to stock up for football season, and the rest are Etsy and word-of-mouth orders. I am so excited that everything is rolling along in my little business world! EEE! 

I'll leave you with this pic of some orders I filled featuring the rival schools here in my home state. 

Who else is ready for football season?!? I can't wait!