Thursday, August 8, 2013

new string-a-lings

Here's a couple of new string arts I've done this summer. Sometimes I'll do a new one, package it up, get to the post office, and realize I didn't take a damn picture of it. At least not with my fancy camera, which is the only way I post on Etsy. Most are probably on instagram (I'm obsessed). 

Here's a new style: 2 hearts on one state. 

A lady contacted me for this Tennessee in tiffany blue with a bigger heart over Knoxville and a smaller heart over Murfreesboro.

You've just got to decide where you want the string to go.

I also did St. Louis, Missouri with a gray board and yellow string. I have now done every SEC state except Mississippi.

I've stayed in Birmingham the past couple of weekends, and I've done some birmingham-y things, so I'm hoping to get that post out tomorrow! 

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