Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ha class of 2003 reunion

A couple of weekends ago was my 10 year class reunion! Woowoo! I was on the planning committee, and after planning mom's 60th bday party and this, I am here to let you know that planning is not easy! Everything turned out great, and everyone had fun, so it was all worth it! 

A little background: I went to Houston Academy down in Dothan, AL all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade. Our class graduated with 48, and the majority of us were there from 5k - 12, some even longer, from 3p. A lot of us keep in touch, and if you read my bloggie, you'll recognize familiar faces, because I still hang out with most of these people. In fact, about half of our class lives in Birmingham. Aw wee! 

Friday night we met at Oak and Olive, an awesome restaurant/bar in Dothan. It was a meet and greet thing, so there weren't as many of us there as at the other events. 

Kaki, me, Andrea, and Katie 

group shot with Andrea, Katie, Colby, Deavours, Zach, me, and Matt

I said: open mouth smile! and got most of us to participate. Of course there was a finger in front of the flash, but oh well! 

me, Matt, and his lovely wifey, Keisha

Saturday during the day we went to Tootie Greens, my farmhouse that you may remember from my ma's 60th bday party. 

Jensen, Caroline, and Laurie

Saturday during the day was a family gathering, so parents and kids were welcome. Here is sweet little William, Caroline (above) and Grant's son. 

David, Elizabeth, Sarah, and John David

Isn't Matt and Keisha's little Piper just the cutest thing? Especially in her AU gameday dress!

Dr. Crittenden assisted Zach with the cooking. 

I made this little poster really quickly to display bc I desperately wanted to get a hashtag going.. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who participated. 

PS: that black blob above? LOVEBUGS!!! Dothan is FULL of lovebugs. They come towards the end of the summer, and they were swarming around Tootie Greens while we were there. 

Deavours and Kelsey. plus a lovebug. 

Jensen with Andrea's daughter, Harper. 

Zach, Ragan, Colby, Deavours, and me.

 Andrea and her sweet baby Dane. 

Mrs. Terri, Keisha, Colbs, and Kaki. 

Colbs, Chris, Kaki, and me.

Melissa, Katie's sister Lauren, and Katie

Ragan, Jenny, and her new nugget Quinn

Elizabeth, Jensen, Laurie, Amy, and Andrea

Some of the parentals, Ms. Karen, Mrs. Becky, and Mrs. Crittenden 

See all the black dots against the cars?? LOVEBUGS!

You could not swat your hand without wacking about 5 of them. The downside to these suckers is they ruin your car paint, so you have to wash your car as soon as possible. I've noticed they're only in the deep south of Alabama (I never saw them in Auburn or above).

Melissa, Mr and Mrs Hicks, and myself

Ashton, Laurie, Melissa, and Josh

Jensen, Andrea, and Harper 

Jenny and Quinn

The school let us borrow our composite picture! It was so funny to see how everyone had changed. I'm on the third row down, second from the left with my ol' short hair cut.

Sarah, John David, Trae, and Becky

Matt and Keisha

The sweet wifeys were good about letting me get in pictures. 

Caroline, Jenny, Andrea, Amy, Ragan, me

All the class members that were present! 

Brittany and Drew with Trae and Becky. Brittany and Drew were both in our class and are engaged! 

Katie, Andrea, and me 

 One of the funniest things we did was open the letters we wrote to ourselves 10 years ago right before we graduated high school. 

Some were funnier than others. Curses to 18 year old Rachel for not writing something hilarious! 

Laurie basically wrote a short story about the party we had been to the night before we wrote the letters. So so funny. 

After the dinner, we had an after party at Matt's parents house, and it was fun to continue catching up with everyone. I had so much fun! 

Big thanks to Deavours and Ragan for being on the planning committee too, Kelsey for catering dinner, Zach for cooking lunch, Colbs for running errands, Caroline for the slideshow, and EVERYONE who attended for RSVPing and getting yo' money in! WOO! In addition to classmates, a big shoutout goes to Ashton, Laurie's husband, for keeping me updated on the Auburn football score throughout the night. I think I asked for an update every 15 minutes. We won against Arkansas State, which sounds like an easy team, but Gus Malzahn (our head coach) was their head coach last year. He also brought almost the whole staff over with him, soooo emotion was a big part. I'm clearly a few weeks behind on blogging, so I'm trying to catch up! EEK!  

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