Monday, September 30, 2013

my navy blue house

If you've spent any time around me, my casa, or this bloggie, you'd know that I looooove color. When I moved into this house, I loved the colors that were already in here with the green dining room and the red kitchen. The outside was.. meh. A grayish blue that wasn't bad, but wasn't me. Well I noticed the paint was chipping on the front of the house and knew it would have to be repainted sooner or later. I chose sooner. Why would you paint right before you move out?! I wanted to enjoy this for a few years (or however long I'll be here). 

When I thought of what color I would want to paint the outside, there was only one answer in my head: NAVY. I did some google searching and confirmed that I loved it. I found that it looks best on wood sided houses (check) with white trim (check). Here is a mostly before shot:

I say mostly because the painters had pressure washed it at this point, so the paint really chipped off the front and trim. This was definitely not a DIY job. I didn't have all the tools, and I probably would've killed myself climbing on a ladder to the second floor. Also, I researched it to see if I could do it, and everyone I found that attempted their own houses said they would never do it again. Besides, it took me about 3 weeks to paint the staircase.. I'm sure the neighborhood would've enjoyed watching me paint the outside of the house for 19 weeks. 

You all know I like to skip steps sometimes, but I knew this was not the place. Do not do not do not pick out exterior paint colors without getting a few test pots of paint to try out. They're only a couple bucks each, and you get a lot of coverage. Here are three colors I tested out. We put the first two on the left up first and I wanted to see was an in-between color would look like so I went and bought the third.

I tell ya, it took me a while. I'd look at it up close, from the road, from the side, when the sun was on one side of the house, and then the other. The winner was the grayish navy on the far left! It's called Night Tide by Behr. 

They started off with painting the trim and shutters white. 

This is the back door by the side porch that has been scratched up by the dogs. With sea foam green paint underneath..

Little did I know, it looked like the ENTIRE HOUSE had been painted sea foam green. Say what?!? I really need to find a picture of it back in the day to confirm. 

Progress! I was already in love! 

Oh what's that back there?

A yellow door! EEE!

So I was conflicted at this point. Leave the shutters white, or glaze them to look like natural wood? I felt like it was too much white if I left them that way.. 

So I went the natural wood route! 

Some more shots, shall we? 

That weird side door in the den.

Cotton loves it!

The back door and the laundry room door.

And at dusk: 

Ten points if you spot Diesel. 

I love it! Of course now, this makes me want bright green boxwood hedges out in front. Anyone giving any away? Har har. 

Here's a before and after:

I need to add the flower boxes back to the windows. Any suggestions on what to do with them? I can't leave them black! Perhaps cover them with some barnwood? Whatever I do to the outside, I think I'll put something bright green in them, or something with yellow flowers.