Tuesday, October 15, 2013

au vs. mississippi state

Sometimes I try to make semi-clever titles, and sometimes I come up with amazing things like "au vs. mississippi state".  I'm way behind on blogging, but since this is my scrapbook of sorts, I want to include things that are important, and we all know AU is one of the top spots on that list. 

Before we dive into the game, the week of the Miss St game I got to see one of my favorite bands in concert:

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! 

I've been obsessed for a while now, so I was really excited to see them at Iron City here in Birmingham. The venue is really awesome and small in a good way. I didn't zoom on these pictures, and it seemed that any place you stood would have a great view. 

Ahhh it was amazing. Since they are one of my favorites, I bought this poster at the show. It's made by a local print shop here in Birmingham called Yellowhammer Creative. I. love. them. They remind me of Hatch Show Print, which I'm obsessed with too as evident with the 7 prints I have in my casa.  

Ok, so finally it was Auburn time. As we discussed, on Fridays if we're in town, we'll go to lunch as a fam. This time it was just me and dad. Right before I met up with him at the shop in Opelika, one of my headlights went out due to water collecting in the headlight encasement thing. I hadn't noticed it, but dad got it fixed right up. Not only that, but he washed my car! Note, he only did this bc of the dang lovebugs from Dothan, but it was still nice nonetheless. Of course I got him to pose for a pic: 

Hilarious! Thanks, daddio. 

Once I was back in Auburn, my friend Brooke got in town to stay with me and Murray. Murray lives with Trey, and Trey's sister Kaki graduated high school with me. She and her hubs were also staying there for the game. Full house, woo! 

We went out to Moe's BBQ, which serves food during the day, but at night it turns into a bar. Claire, me, Brooke, and Kaki pretended like we were freshmen.

pic via Brooke

There were so many people there that we had to get two drinks at once because who knows when we would be able to shove our way up to the bar and flag down a bartender for a beverage. This wrinkledy 28yo who wears flip flops to the bar cannot compete with 21yo college girls who look like they have the same stylist and makeup artist as the Kardashians. 

We survived the evening, and soon enough it was game day! Here's Toomer's Corner, sans trees. So sad. 

Auburn passed a law where you can take drinks out of bars and walk around with them on game day! How exciting! 

photo via Brooke

We tailgated at Kaki and Trey's dad's tent. It was lots of fun! Murray and Kaki's husband Chris were both excited that they had a TV with the bama game on. 

Me, Brooke, Colby, and Kaki

Soon enough, it was game time! 

Here's the eagle in the kennel before her flight. Most people walk by it not knowing she's in there. 

It was a glorious game day! 

Jensen sat with me and Brooke.

We won in quite the nail biter of a game! It was so exciting, and I pretty much yelled my heart out. 

I was convinced my new game day earrings aided in the win. 

Jens was pumped! 

First SEC win in eleventy billion years! Ok, 1.5, but it felt like forever. 

We went to Bodega after the game. Binky came and met us after she got off work, and we ran into Max while we were there. 


Brooke and I got a pic of our face tats. They also aid in the lucky-ness. 

Gah it feels good to have a decent football team again. Woo! 

I was going to write about the last three weeks of stuff, then I realized it would take forever to write, so I'm breaking it down into a few posts. The good news is the pictures are already edited, so I should have another out by tomorrow. Woo! 

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