Tuesday, December 31, 2013

tiny 2013 recap

Well, well, well. I've found myself at the end of the year without updating on the very exciting going-ons around here. You can read why I didn't post for a while here, but let's quickly go over some happy stuff before the New Year begins! I hope no one will mind me recapping EVERYTHING from the past two months in January, bc, well..

my football team is amaze balls, and I have half the season to post about! I edited all the Texas A&M pics before the non-posting began, so that will be up first, then the awesome entire month of November ending with the two best games I've ever attended ever in my whole life. 

Ma and I right after the Iron Bowl

and Toomer's Corner the day after. I guess if the two main trees are gone, we just roll all of them on the block. 

We went to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game, and for Christmas, Santa brought National Championship tickets!!! EEEE! I hope Pasadena is ready for the Herring ladies! 


My little business is rocking along better than I could have ever imagined. West Elm placed a rather large order in November, Auburn Art needed all my little fingers could make for the UGA and bama game weekends, and Etsy just about blew me away.  Once the store orders were complete, I was a non-human for the whole month of December and just hammered my heart out until the 23rd with all the Christmas orders that came in. I thought I was done before that, but several rush orders came in right at the last minute. I have a lot of new states and designs to post! 

It was madness until the very end, and THEN I had to do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I'll be sure to go in to more detail later. You can see some of the pieces I did on Instagram by following @ilikewhatimherring 

I felt like my Christmas vacation was too short, even though I was gone a whole week. The string art orders haven't stopped, so my fam got to enjoy some hammering throughout the holidays! I think they're use to it by now..

Binky and I hanging out with our friend Andre (the ultra fancy champagne) on Christmas. 

I got to see some friends, hang out with the fam, and eat myself silly. I have several things to get finished by this Friday, because that's when we leave for PASADENA!

I can't wait to see what the new year brings! 

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