Thursday, February 27, 2014

west elm pop up shop (from november)

I had a pop up shop at West Elm between the UGA and Alabama games back in November. I just love West Elm so much! They have been hosting local artists, jewelry designers, bakeries, etc weekly in the Birmingham store.

You can follow them on instagram at @westelmbirmingham to see what artists they have coming up! 

They have an area at the front of the store that they clear out for the artists. They are so flexible and let me use whatever I wanted for my display!

I didn't need much, but they nicely helped me move the table against the window so I could prop the big pieces up. 

They also had awesome props I could use

like the 7-up wooden crates and the wire baskets. 

Notice the Christmas tree string art in the back?! I was thinking it would be good for people who didn't have enough space for an actual tree. The string allows you to hang ornaments on there. A bit tacky-chic, eh? I think that's the only piece I didn't post to IG or fb during the holiday season. 

I had so much fun! 

as seen below haha

These ladies came in and purchased the layered Auburn and Alabama string arts. In this state, tensions rise when the Iron Bowl is near. The woman on the right asked if I was a bama fan, and I replied no, I graduated from Auburn. The lady on the left said war eagle, and the lady in red told me she would pray for me haha! 

They so nicely posed for a picture for me! 

I loved doing this pop up shop at West Elm! I hope I can do it again soon. 

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