Wednesday, April 10, 2013

art on r mountain show!

The art show was fantabulous, as usual! I love outdoor art shows! I think I just love being outside in general.

I'd never been to Ruffner Mountain, but I shall be back. It was pretty awesome. It reminded me of Landmark Park in Dothan; there were nature trails and whatnot. I will report back after I go walking up there.

The architecture of the structures on the mountain was pretty awesome.

LOVE! This was the Tree House. There was also a pavilion with a similar design where there was a lookout over the park.

Of course my trusty assistant came along! She puts up with my crabby self during shows. I get really stressed out right before art shows, so whoever is around gets to see me bitch for the entire week before. Sorry if you've been within reach during this time haha! 

You may have seen where I posted about this herringbone baby below on Instagram/facebook last week. She is my new favorite and is totally one of a kind because I don't have more of the cedar I used to make the herringbone pattern. I'll do a post for her later in the week, because she deserves her own! You can see the giant tree on the left there too. She was a big hit at the show! I'll do a post on her as well. 

I brought all the new stuff and hung it up on my fancy schmancy displays. 

I added a frame with my logo, you know, to get peeps familiar with the brand. 

I made a fancy Picstitch (it's an app to make these picture collages) to show all my stuff. I don't know how many peeps on are the ol' fb on Saturdays, so I had to show it here (duh). 

My ma made the new displays for me earlier in the week! HOW NICE! I'm going to paint them, I just didn't have time before the show. They're super light weight, and convenient because I can hang stuff on the front and back of them. It really helped to bring people over to the booth having stuff on the backside. She said it only cost around $30 to make 4 of them, so I recommend doing this if you're in the market for display boards. It's just PVC pipes with chicken wire attached with zip ties. Easy peasy. 


It was freezing in the morning when we got there. Luckily we got to setup on Friday afternoon, so I just hung the art when I got there. I had on boots, a scarf, and jacket and slowly shed my layers and switched to flippy floppies as the day heated up (note how I tried to pull my jeggings up to get some sun on my white legs). It was windy, so I had to alter my setup as things kept blowing over. At some point, the tent almost blew away.. I literally grabbed a leg as it flew over my head. Everyone was so nice and came over to help get up situated! We had concrete blocks holding the legs, but they clearly didn't help. I'll be better prepared next time! 

I'm already ready for the next show! EEE! 

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