Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i like what i'm herringbone bama!

You might've seen this baby when I posted her on Instagram/facebook the other day. I call her the "I like what I'm herringbone bama". 

She is a touch bigger than 24" x 36". 

I built a frame around it with mitered edges! Fancy! 

She is painted gold with the frame and the edging of the Alabama shape being white. 

She has quite the sheen in person! 

The wood on the herringbone pattern looks much better in person.

You may remember this sneak peek from a while ago:

I cut this cedar into slices to make the pattern with my fancy schmancy miter saw! 

If you're interested in this piece, let me know! 

I'm in Auburn right now, about to head down to Toomer's Corner one last time to watch them cut the trees down (tear!). Supposedly it will start at 7 and will only take a couple of hours. Don't worry, there will be an epic post of all my Auburn pics once I return home! 

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