Monday, May 13, 2013

tin bama blocks

Oh my word, it's finally a non-traveling post! 

I took these babies to the art show last month. When my ma brought all that wood up here, these cedar pieces were in there. The wood is so pretty up close and in person. 

I didn't want to cut them up because they were such thick, lovely pieces. I did cut up the thinner slats for the herringbone bama art piece. I thought about painting something on top, but ultimately stuck with my favorite shape: the great state of Alabama. 

As usual, I had my trusty assistants on hand. 

Aw wee!  

I'm not going to put these on Etsy (at least not yet), and I'll be pedaling them at art shows. I don't have many more of the thick cedar pieces, but I do have some wide pieces of pine that I'll start using once I make more. The fourth one from the left with the rust on top of the bama is the only one that's sold so far, so if you'd like one, just shoot me an email. $35 plus shipping, y'all (unless you live local, then we can meet up). 

And in case you want to know where your art is coming from, the wood is from Dothan and the tin is from Auburn.

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