Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wood you like to help organize the carport?

No one actually wants to do that.. but, Y'ALL. The amazingness has been done.

Let's take a look at what we were working with. Of course I forgot to take a before picture the day of The Cleaning, but here is one from this past summer. Which means it was worse than this:

Tin and tons of wood.

No walkway.

You know how hoarders always say they have a method to their madness? I knew which city each pile of wood was from, so I knew when it came time to organize, I was going to be a lunatic about keeping them separated. 

My dear sweet bf Murray was in town for the weekend, and he so nicely volunteered to help me. Volunteered! To do manual labor! He didn't even bitch when I was a nut about keeping everything separated. Swoon! 

First, we pulled everything out into the driveway on a glorious Monday morning. Booyah to everyone who thinks I can't wake up early and get work done.  

Ahhhh! I was already excited by this point! 

You can see the floor!

I discussed building something to hold the wood, but in an effort to save time and stay sane, I did some research on other methods of storing my stockpile. A lot of what I found worked well if you had a wall to drill into, but a wall I did not have. We ended up finding this baby at Home Depot, and it could hold up to 100lbs per shelf. Done and done. It had flimsy boards to make a shelf, but we scratched that idea. I figured since it would be outside in the elements, there was a chance of it molding/rotting.

Instead we just laid the pieces across the metal bars. 


I told Murray to pose in front of the job well done.

I seriously could not get enough of how good it looked. If you're friends with me on fb, you might've noticed my profile picture with me making out with it. 

That's because I'm IN LOVE WITH IT! 

You're probably asking yourself "how many pictures can she take of this?" A LOT. I am sparing you dozens more, so you're welcome. 


EEEE! I told my roomies I wanted to drag a sleeping bag out there so I could admire it all night. I was trip-to-IKEA excited. I may have blacked out from elation. 

The main reason I finally got off my buns to get this done was because my ma had been storing a truck load of wood for me at her house in Dothan, and she was ready to get it outta there. About a week after The Cleaning was done, mom came in town for The Delivery.

Who has the best mom ever?

This is ma's farm truck. We loaded it up months ago with wood from her friends' house in Opelika. Then my dad brought me some wood from his friend that had done a renovation over Christmas, and we piled it onto the truck as well. 

Where was I going to store all this new wood? Well a couple weeks before, I found this idea on Pinterest, and told my mom about it.

Storing it on a ladder! I thought she had one lying around, but she ended up finding this for cheap at a thrift store. 

It worked perfectly! 

I ended up blocking the walkway (sad face), but that's ok! I'll just have to get to making stuff to clear it out.

I had to throw this in there.. mom found this old door when we were gathering wood in Opelika, and thought it could be salvaged..

It came to pieces, and she still thinks it's salvageable. Silly goose.

Thanks Mur and Ma for all your carport cleaning, wood lifting, man handling help! 

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