Saturday, February 9, 2013

new bloggie layout

Oh my word, it's the rare and elusive Saturday morning post!

I was sick yesterday, throwing up and whatnot (tmi?). When you work for yourself, you can't really take days off, so I would hammer then vom then layout an invite then vom. Awesome, eh? I have a killer sore throat this morning, but the show must go on (aka I have to string and go to the post office to get some of these pieces off so they arrive before Valentine's Day). 

At the point yesterday where I thought I couldn't go on any longer, I got in bed. Of course my mind wouldn't shut off, and I just HAD to redesign my blog so I snuggled up with my computer in bed. I'd been thinking about it for a while, especially since I made the new Herring Design Co logo. I wanted it to be cohesive, like the old Fish + Line logo was with the old header. 

As you can see above, here she is!

I took the colors from the Herring Design Co logo and made the wording ombre. I LOVE IT.

At this point, you might say: but where is the fish, Rachel? Don't you slap that thing everywhere? And I would say: yes, of course I do! She's at the very bottom on the footer.

A lot of blogs have who it's designed by at the bottom (like Fabulous K or Cutest Blog on the Block), but since I did this all by myself (and coding was involved), I just let everyone know that I can DIY blog designs as well haha!

Here's the Herring Design Co logo to compare:

Here's the old header. A bit masculine now that I look at it next to ol' pinky above. 

And here is the old logo before I changed to Herring Design Co. 
And going back super old school, here is the first blog header I created. I didn't get a screen shot of that first layout, but it had a blue scalloped background. Very busy.

Bleck. We've come a long way, bloggie! 


  1. Love the new look! Hope you are feeling better!