Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AUsome weekend

Before you get the big D.C. weekend recap, I need to go back a couple and show my Auburn weekend. You may ask "how many times can you go to Auburn, Rachel?" and I would answer A SHIZ TON. 

Of course I got to see my niecey pup!

Ain't she cute? Binky has started calling her "kitty" and likes to send me pics of her saying (what else) "look at kitty!" 

I rode past Toomer's Corner and hung out the window to get this shot. Poor poor trees. The final rolling will be on A Day. Of course I'll be there, and you'll practically be there too since I'll take a million pictures and post them here for you to see. 

So Friday afternoon Binky, Murray, and I did something I haven't done in a long long time. We went to a baseball game! It was a glorious day! In the 60s and sunny. We walked from Binky's house.

Apparently I am the only one who wanted to be a tourist, as these two long legged nuts were ahead of me the whole walk.

The stadium was looking fresh as ever.

We finally made it to the baseball game!

It wouldn't be a game without peanuts, now would it?

As we were buying them, this fly ball popped over the stands, so of course we scooped it up. Can never have enough Auburn souvs, now can we? 

All three of us got peanuts, so of course we turned our row into Logan's Steakhouse. 

This was the season opener, we were playing Maine, and we won. WOO!  

All of us at the game. Look familiar? We did this same pose at the football game, ha!

My other bf was there too..

Aubie! The cutest tiger around! 

Of course I was touristy after the game as well. 


So pretty! 

That night, a few of us headed up to Lake Martin because Binky and Caroline were in a karaoke contest! 

Look who was up at the lake and came to visit! Dear ol' dad!

He found that ridiculous hat somewhere.. We tried to make him take it off, and he wouldn't. Bink and Dad had a little photo shoot.

Of course I made him take some with moi as well.

This promptly made Bink jealous and she jumped in on our shots. Typical. 

The two divas. 

Work it.

Caroline's parentals were there too! 

Caroline was up first and did a glorious rendition of "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira. 

And proceeded to make a mic-dropping exit once it was over. haha

Bink sang "I Love the Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges.

It was quite the show!

As you can tell..

How I wish they would've made it to the next round.. 

The next day, Murray and I went to the Auburn basketball game (yes, it was quite the sports-tastic weekend). I had never been in the new Auburn Arena, so it was very exciting! The only thing missing was my shaker! We played Florida (who is very good), and we lost. Wah wahhh. 

But that was ok! There is a little museum of sorts in the Arena, and the Coaches' Trophy is displayed in there!!!


Pat Sullivan's Heisman Trophy was also in there. 

I probably could've stayed in there for hours..

I can't wait to get back for A-Day!!!!

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