Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend preview

Terribly sorry for leaving the blog hanging for so long! I went to Auburn the other weekend, then was back in Birmingham for a few days of work before I left on vaca to D.C. A couple of friends and myself found a good deal on flights, and we had a buddy up there so we had a lovely free place to stay. How can you turn that down?! YOU CAN'T! 

I have many more pictures, of course, but they need to be edited.

I just wanted to drop in and let y'all know I hadn't dropped off the face of the interwebs. 

In addition to my travels, it's wedding/baby season, y'all! I have done several invitations that I need to post here and on Etsy! Luckily, I can get work done pretty easily by traveling with my computer (awesome job, ftw). Now that the holidays are over, the string art orders  have died down a bit, but the invitations picked up ruhl quick-like. To keep the momentum going, I've signed up for an art show coming up in April, so I'll be revealing some new products shortly! 

Cross your fingers this rain lets up.  

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