Friday, August 22, 2014

binky's Auburn graduation

My sweet little sissy graduated from Auburn this May! I'm so proud!

Get ready for a million "I've got to turn in my cap and gown right after the ceremony so let's get as many pics as possible in front of Samford Hall" photos! 

Of course I made her do my pose several times. 

Binky didn't pose in front of the Auburn University sign because there were a million people in line. We went over to the less populated wall. 

Inside Samford Hall were the eagles from Toomer's Corner. They were taken down while there was construction on the corner due to the poisoned trees. I told Binky to put her arms up on them because it would look better than just standing there. She disagreed. 

I had to prove how cool it really was..

Maybe not.

Of course we had to take some Christmas card options. 

I got that dress from Ross, if you can believe. They had a ton of Auburn game day options, and I'll be debuting a few more this fall. 

Mom came to join us by this point! 

We found someone to take a couple of pictures of us. 

Auburn grads! 

Dad couldn't make it because he had had eye surgery right before this and was having quite the painful recovery. He also was suppose to look straight down for about 3 weeks to keep his retina from detaching, so I took a lot of pics so he could feel like he was there. I'll spare you about 40 of them because they all pretty much look the same. 

In the beginning, they of course recognized the faculty, students, etc. but they also had all the alumni in the audience stand. As you can image, I had the biggest smile plastered on my face. 

Here's Bink walking across the stage. 

And going to sit down. 

After the ceremony was over, they played the fight song like they always do, and Aubie came out in his little grad gear!

A lot of the fam jam came, including Neanie! 

The Herring's with Neanie

Binky's roommates Caroline and Tom came too! 

Of course we had to celebrate next! 

Had to get some mommy-daughter pics of course.

I just had to show this pic of me and my babies from 6 or so years beforehand in the same spot! I miss this house. 

We continued the celebration and met up with the fam

at Mikata! I hadn't been there in forever! 

My little cousin Andrea turned TWENTY ONE earlier this year. I still think of her as being 10 years old. Naturally we all made a big deal out of her getting a drink. 

So funny! 

Uncle Al told this joke: 

Some people graduated Magna Cum Laude, some Summa Cum Laude, and Binky graduated Oh Thank Laude! 

Hilarious! I had so much fun celebrating with everyone. 

Con-grad-ulations, Binkster! 

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