Tuesday, August 19, 2014

snow days!

Is it too late to write about this? 

Cotton says "let me think about it.." 

Definitely not!

Cotton was an only pup at the time of the first snow day, which was dubbed Snowmageddon. I was very thankful that I worked from home this day. 

Loved the snow against the blue! 

Cotton just LOVED playing in the snow. 

She even got Moose in on the action. Warning, this is cuteness overload. 

Some neighborhood pictures, shall we? 

See the cars to the left of the street? They had to park there because they were sliding down the frozen hill. 

Ghost town.

It was true pandemonium in Birmingham. The roads completely froze over at the same time the city shut down to let people go home. It took one roomie 5 hours to get back to the house, and my other one had to sleep in the office. 

Check out this guy hiking since none of the cars were moving. Why did he have all that gear in his car? 

Another shot of the news showing how all the roads were closed. There were so many accidents, but the police couldn't get to them due to the frozen roads. Teachers had to spend the night at schools because parents couldn't get to the kids. I had friends that had to spend the night at work. 

It was crazy out there. Of course I was glued to the TV all day. When I wasn't taking snow pictures, of course. 


Mollie finally made it home after a crazy story of her and her brother in law trying to rescue her sister that was stranded on the highway, getting in a fender bender, and having to walk a ways back to the house. 

The next day was still crazy with traffic since so many vehicles had been abandoned. The city was still shut down, and Mollie and I decided we would try to sled. On some cookie sheets.

Do you like my crazy outfit? Those are old as dirt workout pants that I didn't mind messing up. Also, Michelin man jacket from 9th grade. No joke.  

Moose joined us in his outfit. 

Spoiler alert: it didn't work well at all. The hill next to our house had been driven down just enough to melt the snow and ice. 

A few weeks later, it snowed again, and this time it was just lots fluffy white snow without the crazy frozen roads. 

This little man was here by that point. 

It was so DEEP! At least 8 inches in some places. I love the little sparkles of light. 

It started later in the day. The city went ahead and shut down early due to what had happened last time. Mollie was home, and her sister and brother in law were sledding at their house up the street. Naturally we couldn't resist, so we walked over there. 


The Winn Dixie parking lot, perfect place for some snowmen. 

Snowy trees are the best. 

Once we arrived, there were a couple of sleds and someone had brought beer! Score! 

There were lots of people gathered at the hill. Pic below is me looking up.

And looking down. 

Me, Mollie, and Moose

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I could've stayed for hours. Definitely recommend going down the hill superman style. 

When we got back, we made snow cream! Being from the deep south (5 minutes away from Florida), we never got big snows, so I had never heard of it. You basically go outside, gather cups of snow, add sugar and vanilla extract, then mix it all together. It was delicious! 

At around 1am, I took Bo outside before I went to sleep. It was so bright that I took my nice camera out with me to capture it. 

Creepy that it looked like dawn.

So bright. 

The snow melted pretty fast on the second go around. I had so much fun sledding! I just couldn't leave it out of the blog! 

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  1. We live in the Atlanta burbs and it was nuts!! Glad y'all had fun with it :)