Monday, August 18, 2014

introducing Bo

Well I've had him since February, but I needed to make a formal introduction on the blog. This is my new baby Bo! I like to call him Bo Bear or Bo Man. 

I got him from a local animal shelter here in Birmingham (adopt, y'all!). His whole litter was rescued from a house that was on fire, so they were known as the house fire pups. I saw a post on Facebook, and immediately fell in love with Bo man. Why you ask? 

Yep, his kennel name was Diesel. I cried when I saw him and sent his pic to some friends Everyone agreed he was the cutest little thing, and I needed him in my life. 


Binky asked "Is this an emotional purchase??"

There's a 98% chance that yes, it was. 

On the other hand, it was the perfect time to adopt a new baby for me. My business begins to slow down in February after the holiday rush and I thought summer would be VERY slow like last summer (false. I'll update on that soon). If I waited until summer to adopt, the pup would be only a few months old once football season and my busy schedule went back into overdrive, so I decided to go ahead and adopt before I had to wait a whole year. Honestly, I also thought if something happened to Cotton before I got another dog and I was puppy-less, I wouldn't be able to function. 

I was prepared to go pick him up, but the way this shelter works is they drop him off so they can check out the premises. I've never had that happen before in Dothan (last place our fam adopted a dog), but I think it's pretty normal for Bham from what I've seen. I was really nervous and tried to puppy-proof the house so I wouldn't be denied my new nugget. Turns out they just want to make sure you didn't lie about having a fence or dogs in the house. 

Those little ears! 

Cotton was very confused.

I think she thought he was just visiting. 

I couldn't decide on a name for the longest time. 

He was a good little puppy! I would put his leash under the coffee table so he wouldn't wander off while I was working. He would play for a couple hours, then get tired and take a nap right next to me on the couch.

Yep, he's on his back with his head hanging off the side.
Such a sweet boy!

He only had a few accidents in the house. Anytime he whined, I would take him outside then praise him a lot once he did his business. It was a huge help working from home to be able to be "on call" for his bathroom breaks.

Look at this little chunk!

Right after I got him, Snowmagedden hit Birmingham, so Bo baby got to experience snow. He loved it!

Nap time! Cotton stayed away from him for the most part. When it was dinner time, she was sure to put him in his place by growling at him. 

Bo had no trouble sleeping through my hammering. Once he woke up, he would help dispose of the nail boxes. He still loves to get them and chew them up once I've emptied a box. 

Before I got a kennel for Bo, I would shut him in my bathroom to sleep at night. The entire thing is tiled, so I figured he wouldn't mess up anything (I took out TP, the trashcan, anything in puppy reach). It worked for a few days, then he could reach my loofah (rip) and shampoo bottles once he got a bit bigger. The kennel finally came in, so I would let him nap in there in the middle of the day and thought that's where he'd stay at night too. Well wouldn't you know, I let him sleep on the bed, and he didn't jump off nor did he have any accidents, so that's where he's stayed ever since then. 

Not thrilled with Cottonball. 

This particular night, I had washed all my bedding. I put Bo up there just for a bit and he threw up puppy chow on my freshly cleaned blanket. This was the "sorry" puppy dog eyes he gave me later.

How can you stay mad at that?

Sweet puppy nose. He still loves to sleep on his back.

A rare moment of closeness. 

I purchased a dog chain/cable for Bo to use outside while I was out there painting and sawing. These are a little controversial because some people leave their dogs on them for days and weeks at a time, but I only put him on it in the unfenced front yard while I was outside with him (just wanted to be clear so no one thought I was abusing my nugget). 

He enjoyed being with his mama outside! He found all kinds of wood remnants to chew on. 

and sticks.

His little tail still curves to one side. 

THAT FACE! I wish he would've stayed small just a little while longer.

Bo got to travel a lot in the beginning. Naturally he came to Auburn with me.

That's Possum, my sister's doggie, with me, Cotton, and Bo.

Of course I had to lion king Bo next to his namesake, Bo Jackson. This is his statue outside of the stadium. 

He also came to the lake and loved it!

Slowly but surely, Cotton began to tolerate her new little brother. 

Pardon the messy room..

How sweet is this? 

They'll eventually warm up to each other. 

You know who he does love? MOOSE! They're BFFs. 

They love to go on walks together.

He also loves his cousin Possum. 

She's pouting here because Binky was out of town. I miraculously got them to pose on the couch while she was here. 

Sweet babies!

Precious pups

Cousin love in Auburn!

As Bo grew, his ears went through quite the change. 

First they were out to the side, then began folding over the top of his head.

Eventually they stood straight up.

They've pretty much stayed that way. He looks like a bat most of the time.

Bo has the ability to nap just about anywhere. He loves to lay on the cold tile in the bathroom.

And in the sun spot in the den. 

on my orders ready to be shipped

He moved from napping right next to me during the day to the loveseat. 

He is also good at helping me with work. 

So good at supervising the photography of items. 

Just like D man use to do. 

Still miss him everyday, but Bo bear is slowing filling the big hole he left behind :) 

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