Wednesday, April 20, 2016

festivals in june

June!!! I'm going to catch up all the way by May if it kills me so as not to lap a whole year! 

June 2015 was full of festivals and events. I'm going to do a photo dump before I get to those though.

On the way to Auburn, my car was terrible noise, so before we got too far out of Birmingham, Bink and I went back to my house to take her car. Turns out the wheel mechanism thing (very technical term..) was messed up AND MY WHOLE WHEEL WAS ABOUT TO FALL OFF. The mechanic drove it around the block and said he was afraid he wasn't going to make it back to the shop. YIKES! 

He said this happens to Tahoe's when they get up to the mileage mine had, and luckily they had the part in store and fixed it up real quick. It wasn't too terribly expensive, thank goodness. 


My beauuuuutiful baby girl! She doesn't have as many photos as Bo since he is quite needy/always looking at me to pet him. Occasionally she'll pose like the lady she is. 

I did this Texas guestbook for a wedding! I love this idea. 

All completed another two state string art. I still love these babies. 

The first festival up was Brewfest! I love love looooove this festival!

Tons of breweries from all over the country come to Sloss Furnace for the event. You pay a flat fee ($35 i think), and you get a tasting glass to sample whatever you'd like! 

I just love Sloss as well. 

The Good People Brewing tent gave me this poster! 

And the mask! It's relevant bc Honky's roommate's name is Gordo. I'm sure he was thrilled with me texting him these pics!

Digging this logo

There were some delicious food trucks and tents. I opted for the chicken and waffles. YUUMMM! 

I took this pic because I'm pretty sure Bink and I went here on our Herring sissy euro vaca. 

The fountains in the middle created a nice mist. Brewfest is always a two day event, and you can pick which day to attend (or pay double to go to both). I always try to go Friday night, bc it is always SOOO hot on Saturday during the day. 

Me & Molls! 


Jensen met up with us later! 


Loved this shadow on Bo bo's nose!

The middle of June brought about Pride Week!

Carl was THRILLED! haha

We hit up the hottest spots in Bham, Al's and the Quest. 

Y'all. I met a girl with my same whole name! She spells Anne differently, but what a coincidence! 

Why yes, I did blur out addresses and weight. A lady never tells her secrets or address for stalkers. :) 

That Saturday was the big event, also held at Sloss. It was a glorious day!

Carl and Colbs!


So much fun!

Jo Beth and Katy came to play for a bit!

There were some fun drag shows..

then the main event was Mya! 

Some of the girls came out to join her!

Soon enough it was time to load up. Someone had this donut float (just like mine!!), so of course I had to pose with it!

I loved it! Everyone was so nice!

Later in June, I finished this awesome radial string art. 

Carl and I went to see Jurassic World on opening night. I loved it!

And facebook claims my sissy is my true soulmate.


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