Thursday, April 21, 2016

i vulcan love garth!

At the end of June, Garth Brooks came to Birmingham! Yahoooo! 

I'm not a huge new country fan, but I'll take the old stuff any day. Love love love me some Garth. My roomie Mollie LOOOOVES him! She got us these tickets, and Honky was able to come up for the show!

It was raining pretty bad, so Garth so nicely started the show a little late so people that were stuck in traffic could arrive. 

Once the show started, the arena was full of energy!

He played all the old good ones. 

Even Trisha was there! So exciting! 

I just love his energy!

I was so jealous of everyone in the front!

I hope I get to see him again! It was such a good show!

He actually played TWO concerts that night. We were at the first, and since it started late, a million people were lined up at the door awaiting the second one.  They shuffled us out of the BJCC as fast as they could. 

Honks, me, Molls

After the concert, we went to Bourbon Street! My favorite karaoke bar in town!

We had a baby. A gin baby. Honks is probably the only person to hold one and it look almost like a normal size drink. 

Proud father!

Happy family photo. 

After the baby, I got this guy to sing karaoke! First time I've seen him do it!

Colby met us, and they recreated the "best photo ever" from Rachelpalooza weekend! HA!

Carl came too! Just all so happy!

I just love this guy!

Katy also met us, along with rando who jumped in the pic.

Honks stayed through Sunday, and we must've watched something like the Bachelor, which explains the beer bottles. If we watch something girlie/trashy/reality (Bachelor, Real housewives, The Challenge, etc.), Honky agrees to watch but only if we can make it into a drinking game. DONE!

We were also babysitting Russell, Carl's pup pup, who loved honks!

The next day we play tourist and went to the Vulcan! I brought my nice camera for this outing.

Honky saved the day by putting out this fire that started in the trashcan. No clue how it began, but we caught it!

Buns of Steel.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

And you can't beat the views from up here. 

I was very adult and made Honks touch his butt. BOOP!

Alabama marble in the entrance up to the viewing area. So pretty!

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom."

Can you spot my house?



So glad we went! I had been here before for a wedding reception, but I highly recommend going during the day! We walked through the museum, but I didn't take any pics in there. It was very neat and showed Birmingham's history and the making of Vulcan. 

Obviously I had to pose with the main man of Bham. 

Honks took this opportunity to play photographer.

"You're a tiger! Rawr!" 

"Now turn! Ooo lala!"

I always have fun with my beardy! 

(Honks, not Vulcan).

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