Sunday, April 3, 2016

wedding in st. augustine

Last May, Honks and I went to St. Augustine for the wedding of one of his high school buddies Brian and his lovely new wifey Ashley. This was the first time I had hung out with this group, so I went in just a bit nervous. Of course there was nothing to worry about, they were all wonderful! 

The weather was gorgeous! 

When we arrived, the boys went straight to the rehearsal while the girls got ready to meet everyone at the rehearsal dinner. It was yummy and the fireball shots were a flowin'. I didn't get any photos :( 

We stayed in the same hotel room with Scott and Allegra, and those little angels ordered late night pizza for when we returned! Best roomies ever! 

The next day we met the group for lunch and some much needed bloody mary's. We walked around the town a bit after that. St. Augustine is so cute! 

Not sure that this cemetery should be considered "cute" but I love the trees! 

We walked to Castillo de San Marcos aka the fort. It's the oldest masonry fort in the US and is open as a National Park. 

We walked through town, then went back to the hotel to get ready. Everything was pretty close to each other, so we walked to the ceremony. I snapped a pic of this sign for my sissy. :)

There was a cocktail hour before the wedding. WHAT A GLORIOUS IDEA! 

Did I mention Honky got ordained to perform the ceremony?! 

He is a really good speaker and did fantastically! 

Aw wee!

The reception was at Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. It was beautiful! There were peacocks everywhere. 

This white one was a beauty!

Did you know peacocks can fly?!

Allegra and I snuck into the room where the fountain of youth was. 

They had cups sitting out, so we drank some! Watch out world, imma live foreverrrr! 

Picture with the peacock! 

Honky's mama and Rick were at the wedding as well! 

They're just the cutest :) 

Honk's just loves his mama. 

and also loves my obsessive photo taking :) 

I think we were one of the last tables to go to the buffet line. Not too thrilled haha! 


All the boys! 

After the festivities, we went to a bar with the whole group. I turned someone's beard into a garden. You're welcome. 

So thrilled! 

I had tons of fun with this group!

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