Tuesday, May 10, 2016

mom's bday canoe trip

One of the best things about being my own boss is getting to make my own schedule. I was very excited that I got to join my mom, 3 aunts, and uncle for my mother's birthday canoe trip! It was on a Thursday if I remember correctly, so none of the other kiddos/cousins were able to make it. 

Uncle Clyde, Mom, Aunt Dale
Aunt Terri, Aunt Robin

I can't remember the name of the canoe place, but it was in Defuniak Springs.

Aunt Ruby and Uncle Clyde were in a canoe together. 

Mom and I were in one.

"Hey y'all!"

Aunt Terri and Aunt Dale were in the third canoe.

I'm sure Uncle Clyde was thrilled with all the picture taking we did in the beginning haha!

I loved doing this! I've got to check out more places to canoe. One of my favorite things was ALL THE NATURE!! 


So cool to catch this guy fishing. 

Oh hi!


There was the main river, then a little hand painted arrow pointing right in the fork that took us to the spring. 

It. was. BEAUTIFUL! 

It reminded me a little bit of Croatia. 

We parked our canoes, ate some sandwiches, and explored a bit.

I had to go swimming over the spring. Thank goodness Aunt Robin brought goggles! 

I had a LifeProof case on my phone, so I took some underwater photos!

I had to get a swimming selfie!

It was freeeeeezing, even though it was the end of June. That spring was no joke.

It was very deep where the spring was, but you could stand a little ways up.

I didn't edit colors at all. Isn't it so pretty?! 

You could see where the spring was creating ripples as we paddled back out.

So so beautiful.

More nature! Another turtle!

Relationship goals:

My bf for the day was Bud:

We passed some goats! Can you spot more than one?

I almost got everyone in this selfie! Sorry Uncle Clyde!

Aunt Dale and Aunt Terri had a few problems haha!

We stopped at a seafood shop on the way home, then went to Aunt Ruby and Uncle Clyde's for some dinner. 

Uncle Clyde got this giant old Cypress tree to make furniture out of as his retirement project.

Isn't it cool?! He had an arborist come out to age it. You can see the flags above showing it's age. These logs are recovered at the bottoms of rivers after years and years of being submerged. 

It had a U shape at the other end. I think a table with hairpin legs would look fantastic with these pieces. 

I stayed in Dothan that night. Of course I went digging through some old family photos. 

Baby Terrell and Binky!! HAHA!

Binky and I at our house in Dothan while it was being built. We found this cat during the construction and named it Scruffy. Do you like my cool striped denim ensemble? 

The next day we went back to Aunt Robin and Uncle Clyde's for ma's bday dinner! Dad was able to join as well.

Family photo!

Honks was able to come up from the beach and cooked as awesome dinner!

We had a cake but mom also loves tomatoes, so we gave her a candle on one of those as well.

I went down to the beach that next week to help Honky move into his new place, which we lovingly referred to as Beard Mansion, bc all the guys that lived there had beards.

This was the glorious master bedroom that I could've done an entire gymnastics floor routine on. 

The doors pushed all the way back into the walls. On all three floors. 

Open kitchen/dining/living space. 

Ooooo I really loved this house. 

Not so much my style in regards to the finishes, but the space, layout, high ceilings, massive bathroom, and closet were amazing. I didn't live here, but visited quite often. They recently moved out, so RIP beard mansion! I'll miss you!

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