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july 2015: lake and slossfest

I've decided to consolidate the next few months into their own monthly post instead of breaking down every little thing in yet another effort to catch up, so here goes July 2015! 

A bunch of us went to the lake for the 4th! One of my favorite traditions! 

Mollie, Carl, Colbs porch sittin

My room at the lake is still outfitted with a couple of twin beds, and both my doggies love to get on one with me. Of course Bo is always the most protective. 

Sweet Cotton ball LOVES the lake!

Bo is ok with the water, but not so much with the fact that he has to be chained when we're all outside together. Even with his mother (moi) hanging out with him, he feels the need to go on adventures around the neighborhood. It's not safe during holidays (ie more cars driving around, more people, more dogs about, etc.) for him to roam, so he is put in "time out", which isn't so bad bc he still gets in the water, has shade, and can dig in the yard til his heart's content. 

This particular weekend, my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their friends were at the lake, so they came over for a boat ride to Chimney Rock! 

Colbs, me, Caroline, and human Bo (lol)

Carl and Candace

Mollie, Candace, me, Aunt Ruby

The pups are always pooped when we return to Bham. A rare moment of lying close to each other. 

Bo bear loves to lay in the shower. I think it's the cool tiles. 

Such a happy boy! At least when he's with his mama :)

So on the previous beach trip I took, I somehow broke my glasses. Mind you, I've only had 3 pairs of glasses my entire life: the ones I got in 5th grade, 7th grade, and 11th grade. The ones I broke were my 11th grade ones. For some reason, I had my 7th grade ones with me in Bham (thank goodness), so I documented my Harry Potter-chicness below. I only wear them at night when I'm watching TV before falling asleep, so no one really sees them, but I feel the need to explain in case you wondered what decade these were from.. (1997). Check out that cool case too. I loved it then and now! 

July brought about SlossFest! It was the inaugural year for this music festival held at Sloss Furnace near downtown Birmingham. 

There were some crazy clouds, but we didn't get caught in the rain!

I just love this venue. It was an old factory that is now used for festivals and events. Super cool and industrial.

Our group: me, Lisa, Austin (Honk's cousin), Mollie, and Binky

They had an area where people were demonstrating iron pouring. 

Super awesome! You could create a mold (for $20 if I remember correctly), and they would pour the metal into them for you to collect later. You KNOW I had to do one myself!

There were three stages. One was here under the overhang.

Me and my weekend guests!

Sadly I can't remember who was who since almost a year has passed! :| I believe this was Band of Horses. 

We returned Sunday around lunch. 

I created my iron mold on this day! :D I couldn't think of something off the top of my head, and since Bink was with me (and we refer to anything we do together as Herring Sissy ___), I decided to write Herring sissy fest. The mold was made of sand, and you wrote on it mirror imaged, then scratched the pencil marks with a nail to create the raised portion of the piece. 

I was super pumped!

I had to wait until the end of the show to pick up the finished product. 

This day was EXTREMELY hot. We had to take a break and sit under a tent with a fan. 

We ended up running into some Dothan people, so it was for the best!

We walked back over to the iron works area. They had to be burning up in those jumpsuits handling that molten iron. 

The show ended with the Avett Brothers, one of my favorite bands! It was glorious! Somehow I got left alone, and found my Dothan friends to watch the show with. Lucky Binks got a hold of some VIP tickets, but we found each other after the show. 

The rest of July was filled with this baby,

(gosh he looks so small here!)

stringing some beachy string art,

and going to see my beardy again! He so nicely let's me braid his beard from time to time. So manly!

Honks and Gord!

On this trip, we hatched the idea of Big Beard BBQ! Honks really wants to have his own restaurant someday, and we decided to grab up the domain name, facebook page, instagram username, etc. Of course I couldn't resist making a logo ASAP! 

The scripted font here wasn't the final one used (you can see the final below as the profile pic). This is a long ways away from coming to fruition, but by god you know I had to grab up all the social media things for my future head of marketing position :) 

There was one final lake trip to finish up the month of July!

Can't beat this view! 

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