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september 2015

September brought about Labor Day and the beginning of football season, which meant more lake trips! 

One of dad's cousins introduced him to facebook. He is OBSESSED. He loves it, and this is pretty much my view at the lake now once the sun goes down.

Bobo of course made the trip.

And sweet baby Cotton ball. 

The first football game was Auburn vs Louisville, and it was in Atlanta. We decided not to go to the game, and went to the lake for Labor Day weekend instead. 

Carl skiing!

Honks made it up for Sunday funday! He had to work Friday and Saturday and thought leaving early Sunday morning would be best. Little did we know, that was a mass evacuation day for all the tourists in Florida, and he was stuck in traffic for HOURS. Sad day! 

We took him to Chimney Rock.

He decided to jump off the shorter rock, Chicken Rock. The pups were very concerned about where he was going. 

This nut dove off! 

The next week, I was babysitting Possum for some reason. Isn't she cute?!

That weekend was the first home game versus Jacksonville State. 

It was also the first game with the new GIANT jumbotron!

This thing is so enormous. It's like looking at a big screen TV in a living room from my seats in the upper deck. 

I didn't get a great picture of this, but this is the group of kids from Chicago that did a class project on Auburn University. Each class picked a college and did a school wide presentation as part of a contest. They won the whole thing, and when Auburn got wind of this, we sent Aubie, Bo Jackson, Jay Jacobs, and many more up there to visit the class! How nice! THEN we flew them and their families down to the Plains to see a game and tour the college. Warm fuzzies!! 

My new favorite thing might be the close up of the eagle on the big screen (the screen is perfect, my phone just put those stripes on there). They did this spur of the moment when the opposing team was kicking towards the student section.  

This game, y'all. It just about killed me. It was suppose to be a cupcake, but it turned out to be a crazy nail biter. We almost lost, then tied it up to go into overtime. We won, thank goodness, but it wasn't pretty!

Of course I was getting texts from Bama fans, so mom had to let them know we're number one.

We discussed how this was a cupcake to us, but was the Super Bowl to them. Jacksonville State is in Alabama, but they're not in our conference. They won the whole shebang for their division last year, so we shouldn't have gone in thinking it would be easy!


I moseyed on down to the beach the next week. One of my besties Caroline was there to greet me at Honk's house!

Aw wee!

Honks got a hold of a Suzie coozie. You may remember this gloriousness from Mom's surprise 60th bday party. 

All the roomies wanted to pose with her :)

We had a beach day with some friends. The beach is the best in the fall when there aren't a million people. 

Sweet Honks blew up my donut for me! 


It was a glorious day!

Our friends left, but we rode the day out and stayed til sunset. 

Honks practiced his modeling :)

I stayed at the beach through the Auburn LSU game weekend. We lost big time. It was awful to watch. The upside of the weekend was Alabama lost to Ole Miss, and it was a fantastic game. I had a smidgen of hope for Auburn, because the 2013 season started out the same way, but that was soon squashed.. 

Because the next week was the next SEC matchup..

I had several string art orders. A wedding guest book for signatures with Arizona in the middle was one of my favorites!

Bo is never too far away!

A group of states with the same color combo. Sorry for the weird shadows. :| 

I went to Auburn the next weekend for the first SEC home game! I have adopted Binky's friends as my own, and sweet Caroline put me up for the weekend. Maggie and Jenny were in town from Nashville, and we had tons of fun!

Maggie, me, Jenny, Caroline 

I believe we were trying to make Binky jealous with all these pics. 

The next day we headed out to tailgate! One of my long time gameday friends from Bham, Josh, called me and somehow knew I was in Auburn (I wonder why.. haha). He along with some old buddies from Auburn and Bham met up with us for a bit! 

Robert, Josh, me, Smitty

Robert and Smitty are Payne St alums living at a house down the street from mine. Memoriessss!

Maggie, her hubby Will, me, Mitch (Maggie's bro), and Caroline

Maggie and Mitch are also Payne St alums and lived across the street from my house when Binky was living there. 

The Auburn/Mississippi State game is always interesting. We (maybe just me..) have a problem with his coach, who was hoping Cam Newton would come to Miss. St. after JUCO. When he chose Auburn, Dan Mullen made a big stink about looking into Cam's background. Ass. Clearly, we will never be friends. 

The eagle!

Sometimes I stop people when I like their outfit and take a picture. :) 


I found the eagle whilst photoshopping these pics, so I circled her for you. 

How many times have I shown y'all this same shot below? Every game I've posted about? 

Heeeeerreee come the Tigers!

I found my friends Stephen and Dorothy! I got to meet their new nugget as well!

Sadly, that was the highlight of the game! We played terribly and didn't even score a touchdown. First time that had happened in the Malzahn era. If I remember correctly, watching sportscenter that night, the words "hot mess" were thrown around a bit. Ouch. 

We stilled walked through Toomer's Corner on the way back. Here are the trees!

Maybe we just wanted to prevent anyone from rolling them? They weren't suppose to be rolled last year since they had just been replanted, but we could still roll the other trees around them.

 I'll leave you with this sweet pic of Bo man trying to help me complete my to do lists. 

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