Thursday, June 23, 2016

beginning of october 2015

October was a busy month with lots of traveling! 

Before leaving town, I got a pic of this amazing Coke display at Walmart! 

Bo bo fishing with his tail off the chair. 

At the beginning of October, Auburn played San Jose State. Judging by the performance of the first four games, I knew I had to go, because it might've been one of the only wins I would witness. 

Eagle flight!

It was rainy and a little chilly.

There were new cups at this game that I LOVED!

Mitch (Maggie's bro from the last post) and my Aunt Terri came to the game with me and Ma. 

We won! PHEWWW!

Ma, me, Aunt Terri

Mitch was thrilled!

After this game, you were allowed to GO ON THE FIELD!!!

Can you tell I was excited?!

I snow-angeled on the AU.

Like a kid on Christmas.

Mitch also participated haha!

I wish all these people would've moved out of my shot!

We moseyed downtown afterwards to go to Toomer's Corner. It was glorious!

I posted this last shot on Instagram, and AU family reposted! So exciting to get tons of new followers that could see my art!

I went down to the beach after game weekend because..

it was mine and Honk's one year anniversaryyyyyy!

We met on October 7th, were basically inseparable the entire week, and obviously have been the same ever since! 

We celebrated by getting drinks with some friends, most notably Caroline who introduced us that day!

Honks, me, Gordo, Caroline, Eric 

Can you tell we're in LoOoOoVe?! haha

We celebrated with champs later that night, my FAVORITE!

Then we took a 6 day trip to Washington DC to celebrate! Well, Honk's was in a wedding up there, so we decided to make a vaca out of it! 

Epic DC post to come, with millions of pics! (maybe just a couple hundred..)

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