Wednesday, March 20, 2013

football ticket invitations

I'm back with some more invitations from last year that never got any air time on the bloggie. They're football ticket themed invites! 

The first is for a "stock the tailgate" engagement party. The couple is getting married 04-13-13, so that's the numbers we used for the section, row, and seat numbers. I looked at several Auburn ticket layouts, so this is pretty close the way they look (except for the fact that they don't have a hologram on them). 

They chose the one above, but naturally I sent a secondary one for them to view. This one isn't based on an actual ticket, just some examples they sent in. Somehow I got terribly confused on the section, row, and seat numbers on this one, but I never updated it since they went with the one above. Oopsie. 

After the invitations went out, I was contacted by someone who had seen them to do one for a Georgia fan's birthday party! This time the section, row, and seat numbers were the guest of honor's birthday digits. 

I just updated my website with these, and if you're interested in something similar, just let me know! I can do any team you'd like! 

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