Tuesday, March 26, 2013

art on r mountain

Hola! I've recently mentioned the art show I'm going to be in that's coming up in a couple of weeks, so I decided it was high time to formally invite you fine people. It's Art on R Mountain here in Birmingham on Saturday, April 6th. Admission is FREE! 

It's put on by East Lake Arts District at the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. EEE! I'm super excited! I love doing outside art shows! I hope it warms up by then (what the f is up with this freezing weather?).  You can click here to visit their site for more info! I have not checked out the RMNC, but I just found this rave review on google: 

"Very nice.. a place for u n your honey to go chill..."

So grab your honey and come chill with me, y'all! 

On the Friday night before at 5:30, they're having "An Evening of Good Eaton" with food and a jazz concert if you'd like to come to that!

If you follow me on instagram (ilikewhatimherring) you've seen some of the goodies I've been whipping up! I sewanee, if this freezing weather doesn't get out of here, I'm just gonna have to sell pencil drawings on copy paper. I sawed outside yesterday (with 3 layers of clothes on, mind you) and my fingers and nose just about fell off. I need to invest in a ski mask. I also should probably prepare for art shows more than 2 weeks ahead of time.. 

Do you know what else is Saturday, April 6th? 

Dave Matthews Band concert in Bham! 

And who won free tickets? Oh, this girl. I've told yall a thousand times to go check out bhammountainradio.com to win concert tickets. You'll just have to beat me on the facebook comments to win! (they ask questions on fb and the first to answer wins tickets)

Would you like to know what all concerts I've gotten tickets to fo' free courtesy of BMR (and my speedy fingers)?! 

My Morning Jacket
Fleet Foxes
The Civil Wars
Avett Brothers
and now DMB 

EEEE! What a good weekend it's gonna be! I went to several dmb concerts in high school, and I can't wait to see 'em again! 

The question I answered was what DMB song did the station just play. Here it is for your listening pleasure. 

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