Monday, March 4, 2013

baby shower invites

So previously, I would try to wait until an event was over before I posted the invitation. We all know what happened.. have you seen any invites lately (besides the ones I posted last week)? NO. Because I kept forgetting to post them after waiting weeks or several months for the event to pass. 

No more, ladies and gents.  

Here are some of my most recent baby shower invites. I didn't print these, so it's just the file (no pics of the final product). 

This fish themed invite is for one of my friend's baby showers! How exciting! Jenny is having a little boy, and since he will be the fifth carrying on the namesake, they'll be calling him Quinn. I love it! The nursery is going to be fish themed (not cartoon-y fish, mind you), so I sent a couple of manly-ish invites over for them to decide. They ended up going with the one on the top. 

It was a little more reserved that the one below. 

Next up is this train themed invite! The top one was chosen, but they had requested another color choice during the process. 


And taking it back to last year for one of those I meant to post..

Dr. Suess! I did print these, but forgot to get a photo of them before delivering them. 

If you're interested in having a custom invitation made, just shoot me an email! 

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