Thursday, March 14, 2013

80's party!

Remember the 80s party invite from last week?

Well it all went down this past weekend! In case you didn't know..


My roomie Katie and I were twins. I have an awesome 80's prom outfit, but since this was 80's workout, we both had to go get outfits. Why wouldn't we match?! 

Here's the bride-to-be, Laurie.

The happy couple! 

Kate and Gray were there! Kate is a loyal bloggie reader, which of course made me RUHL excited! 

There were lots of fun 80's props, like slinkies and pixie sticks..

And most fun of all, POP ROCKS! 

No 80's workout party would be complete without a little Richard Simmons playing in the background. 

I'm pretty sure I overdosed on candy. 

The Pop Rocks sealed my sugar hangover fate. 

Dothan ladies! Jensen, Abby, Katie, and Laurie.

John was rocking his leggings. 

Of course there was a dance party.

A bit of Thriller. 

Then awards for the best dressed. 

Abby had these awesome Dothan magnets, so of course I had to share.

This one's my favorite. It's from the Dothan airport (did you know there was such a thing?!). If anyone goes through there anytime soon, I would generously pay you to pick one up for me! 

We couldn't stop after the shower, now could we? We headed to the closest karaoke bar. 

Katie made off with a couple of party favors..

We sang my new favorite "Bills, Bills, Bills". 

Complete with dance moves. 

I can't wait for the wedding weekend! 

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