Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello! I don't have much design stuff for you tonight. I did do this Tennessee string art for an Etsy customer Sunday night:

It's the Tennessee Titans colors! I really like how it turned out!

Part of the reason I haven't completed many projects is because I have gone to the lake the past couple of weekends. Some pictures shall we? 

My sweet pup pups on the dock. I probably took about 20 pictures to get this shot. In all the others, they're either scratching or had their tongues out. 

My schweet schwimmer. She loooooves the water. 

Clearly instagrammed, but lovely nonetheless! Instagram is pretty much my favorite app. I check it alllll the tiiiiime. In case you forgot, my username is ilikewhatimherring. 


I took my camera, but only took these couple of pictures of..

food. What else?

My dad makes shrimp pretty much every lake trip. Delish! 

(and back to instagram pics..)

My niece-y pup Possum was on clean-up. 

Aww wweeee! 

Tomorrow I'm going to help Smalls out with painting furniture for her new casa! If you recall, she joined the Two Dogs and a House/Single Lady Club, and now that she has moved into her newly purchased digs, she is in decorating mode. Aka my world. She's going to let me document everything for the bloggie, so get excited to see a new abode! 

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