Tuesday, July 31, 2012

state of the union

... of the facebook pages.

To merge or not to merge? 

I currently have two facebook pages, one for the bloggie, and one for Fish + Line Design. The two entities were separate at first, with the bloggie being solely house projects, and Fish + Line being just invitations. But then the two started merging.. making a string art for my dining room here, designing a print there, and now the lines have blurred between the two. I want to show the prints on both! And string art started out just as a house project for myself, but those have just taken off, so they're in the Fish + Line Design Etsy shop now. 

Sooo I need your input. Should I merge the pages? Do you even care if they're merged?! I try not to be one of those people that post multiple things at once (well sometimes I post bloggie posts on my personal page..), so I have tried to keep myself from posting something on both at the same time since I know there are a few of you out there who "like" both. If I did, I would keep the "i like what i'm herring" facebook page as the remaining one. You might have noticed I've been getting more likes lately.. I've been shamelessly asking people to like the page haha! In order to merge, I need more people liking the bloggie page than the Fish + Line Design page. 

Just when I think I'm ready to merge, I keep going back and forth in my head. What to do what to do...

My other thought is this.. facebook will let you change the name of the page before it gets to 200 likes. Maybe I should keep the Fish + Line Design page, then change the name once I come up with one I like? (Remember the branding issue from a while back..

I've also researched other big blogs/companies with my issue, like Jenny Komenda who has the most fabulous blog: Little Green Notebook. Her blog has a fb page, but her interior design business, Jenny Komenda Interiors, does not. Same with Kim and Scott's blog Yellow Brick Home. They have a bloggie facebook page, but not one for Kim's pet painting business called The Pet Shop. I'm basing these off people whose blog has a different name than their business, btw.. 

SOOOOO what do you think? 

Are you just tired of me rambling about it?! haha 

Onto another state subject..

I made some new string arts this weekend. One was a state I hadn't done before..


The city was Cabot, which I had never heard of..

but I'm guessing she was a Razorback fan due to the colors she chose! 

And you know it's getting close to football season when I'm popping out SEC colors! 

Next was ol' rocky top, Knoxville, TN. 

Can you believe they make the circus peanut orange spray paint color?! haha! 

That made it much easier. 

I shipped 'em out today! I've sold a bunch of the You Are Beautiful Auburn and Alabama as well, so if you're looking to show your team spirit, visit the Etsy shop

And let me know if you have an opinion on the facebook page debate! HA! 

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