Monday, July 23, 2012

pups and sucs

And by sucs, I mean succulents of course! 

I found this awesome bowl at the thrift store for just a couple of bucks. 

And if you recall, I had tons of plants leftover from the bathroom succulent project

I also had this little guy that came as a "free gift" with an online purchase I made. He was hanging out on the old TV stand, and I knew he was ready to come roam amongst the plants. 

I added rocks to the bottom of the containers, then added some cactus soil I bought at Home Depot before planting the succulents. The little bowl below also came from a thrift store for about $1. Yay for thrifting! 

They look lovely! 

I placed them on the little mid century modern table between the two leather chairs in the den. 

But someone was camouflaged.. 

What to do, Diesel man? 

Spray paint him! 

GOLD! Just in time for the Olympics! 

Ahhh, now he stands out perfectly! He's even gleaming in the overhead light as I write this! 

Onto the pups! 

I needed to start building my inventory for Birmingham Artwalk, so I found some popular breeds of pups on the interwebs to paint. I chose a dachshund and a yellow lab!

Of course I have to sign it with my signature RH. This is how I initial everything.

There's a tab at the top of the bloggie outlining pricing if anyone is interested in having their pup pup painted! Or any pet for that matter. Perhaps I should tackle a different animal next time.. 

In case you missed the facebook post, I put this print from the bathroom reveal on Etsy! 

I made a rather large, premature purchase online, and it's scheduled to come in tomorrow... I can't wait/am dreading finishing the space where it will live! Can you guess what it is??! 

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