Thursday, August 2, 2012

a perfect tin!

Happy Olympics, yall! In the spirit of the games, I made a patriotic project! 

I had actually wanted to make these once I got a look at the tin my mom brought me. It's from the shed that was behind the house that I use to live at in Auburn. It was falling apart, so mom made the decision to take it apart and I was the lucky recipient of the wood and tin.

My carport is a bit ridiculous with all the materials, but so goes the life of an ar-teest! haha

I bought some metal sheers from Home Depot. I thought it might be difficult to cut, but it was super easy! Like scissors cutting paper! (Ok, not quite that easy..) I just eyeballed where I wanted to cut it, and I got three flags out of one sheet. 

I brought them over to the ol' spray paint patch. I left one naturally tin just to see how it looked. I figured some people would appreciate the rustic look.

I made an Alabama flag along with the American flags. Thanks goodness we have a super simple design! I painted the red X first, and after it dried, I put painter's tape on top of it. Then I spray painted the white. I purposefully didn't press it down between the ridges to see what it did, and I liked the hazy white-ness over the red X. 

I painted the whole sheet white first for this American flag. Then I taped off lines for the red stripes (I just eyeballed the widths to make the 13 stripes, so they aren't all the exact same). Then I stuck down some star stickers before I covered the whole thing with newspaper to paint the blue. I took the star stickers off before the paint dried (bc if you don't, the paint will pull up). I wish they were a bit bigger, but it was all I could find on short notice (I did all these on Sunday afternoon). 

I did the same for this one, but without painting white (obvi). I like it! 

The one with white sure does pop.

The Alabama flag ended up looking a bit worn, but I still dig it.

When I take these pictures, I usually stand on the couch ledge. Just call me Gabby Douglass. 

Did you know I did gymnastics when I was little? For like 10 years. Mind you, those years were when I was 3 to 13 (after which I transitioned into cheerleading). I wasn't that great, but I still love the sport! And I can still do handstands, so if anyone is up for the challenge, I will not hesitate to tuck my shirt in and have someone judge the contest. 

 I'll have these puppies at Artwalk in September! 

 I give em a perfect tin! 

 I think I'm going to make different shapes since it was so easy to cut. Any requests?

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