Friday, August 10, 2012

stream of consciousness

In case you're just joining us, the stream of consciousness posts are just some random events going on in my life between projects. Please pardon the iPhone pics.

Let's back up a bit shall we?! 

Last week I was given some free VIP tickets to the Kiss/Motley Crue concert!!!!! Who would turn those down?! I announced it on fb (and I thought they were going to be front row), but the VIP section was pretty awesome! 

Ol' Gene Simmons

It was quite the show! It was at Oak Mountain amphitheater here in Bham, and I heard it was the most pyrotechnics that venue had ever had. 

I thought this picture was hilarious!! hahahaha Gene started drooling "blood" and I captured this from the big screen.

Motley Crue was there as well! Do you see that loop? Tommy Lee's drum set rode around the track. It's a bit fuzzy, but he's upside at the top with his drums in this shot. 

And in case you forgot what the lead singer looked like..

My sister and her friends came to the concert too, and of course my niece-y pup Possum came to visit her cousins. 

I forgot to introduce these a while ago, although if you're following me on instagram or fb, you got a sneak peek. I assembled the new lawn furniture! Don't you just love the retro look?! 

Don't you just hate the horrible patio area?!? I know I do. However, if you remember this layout at all, you'll notice I sawed off the railing between the chairs and grill. The good news is I'm going to pick up some pavers next week!!! And I walked to the dang brick yard myself to make sure there were going to be enough this time.. (click here to read the snafu from when I tried to pick some up last time).

Here's another snafu:

This happened last Friday night around 7pm. It had been raining that day, but when this fell, it was not. The wind wasn't even blowing! And the scary part is I had just driven under it not 10 seconds before it fell! Luckily it didn't get me, but it did hit roomie Kate's car (and poor little lady was out of the country on a mission trip!). I was at home alone for the weekend, and there wasn't much I could do after the sun set. 

Since I wasn't having much luck finding anyone to rescue me, I took matters into my own hands. On Saturday, I cut all the smaller branches off with my little saw and was able to back over into my neighbor's driveway. FREEDOM! 

This is the pile I made! And you know what I wanted to say once I had done this..


I say this whenever I do a big project/daunting task... or in this case, when I do something manly. 

I was told by multiple people NOT to use a chainsaw by myself (because of kick back and how it takes a bunch of upper arm strength and how it could slice through your leg yada yada). Color me disappointed because I was going to go rent one from home depot, but luckily I have some pretty awesome neighbors who saw my predicament. I hadn't even met them yet, but they came and helped me out in my hour of need with their chainsaws! I brought them both some brownies and beer, and I am so glad to have made some new friends in the neighborhood!!

In case you were worried about my computer situation I mentioned on the last post..

I talked to Apple Care, and they sent me to Adobe. After hold for about 15 minutes, I hung up and called the Apple Store. They said to make an appointment and come on in. So I did, but then I had to wait an hour for someone to tell me it probably wasn't going to happen (getting CS3 onto my computer with the new OS). They tell me to call Adobe to make sure since it was their product...

So I did..

and I was HOLDING on the phone..


Of course I took photographic evidence! haha. I guess they closed while I was waiting, because as you can see it was past 9:30pm. Rude. Don't worry, I cooked dinner, watched the Olympics, and did some work while I listened to the elevator music in hopes that someone would pick up. I think I'm just going to get my sister to purchase the student version for me and hope she'll let me borrow it.. 

I finished up this new string art color for a friend at work! 

A Birmingham pink and black! I dig it! I really need to beef up on these in my inventory for Bham Artwalk. September 7 & 8 yall! Downtown Birmingham! 

And let's end on the cutest little creep you'll ever see lurking around..

My schweet boy! 

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