Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ok, before the post, I have a scenario and question. I bought a new Macbook this weekend. I honestly went to the Apple store to see if it was part of the tax free weekend (it wasn't), and was going consider getting one if it was. Well let me tell you... it was like being in a pet store, holding a puppy, and then knowing that you can't just leave him there! "I NEED TO BRING HIM HOME RIGHT NOW" is what I believe flashed through my mind.. So I did. Before you go thinking I'm frivolous and throwing money around all willy nilly, you should know that my old Macbook is on it's last leg, so I've been considering buying one for a while.. It is slowly taking longer and longer to edit pictures in Photoshop due to loading issues, and my Illustrator will shut down without warning (and without saving my work). So as a person who depends on this beautiful machine as part of my job (duh, I consider Fish + Line Design a job), I figured it's better safe than sorry to replace it (I cannot be without a computer.. I would totally be SOL if the old one crashed).

So I opted out of having Apple move my files over, because I do not need all my old files from school, and it's my understanding that they do a complete dump to the new computer if you let them do that.. So I brought it home to do myself. The first thing I did was try to load my Adobe Creative Suite 3 onto the new Macbook.. and it won't load. I even have the original discs and it won't load. I have Lion OS on the Mac (as opposed to the newest Mountain Lion). I googled solutions and a lot of people had this problem. I loaded Java (which apparently didn't come standard) but it still has failed. Has anyone run into this? I feel like some of my INDS ladies (or gent) may have gotten a new computer and tried to do the same thing. Please please let me know! I called Apple Care and they referred me to Adobe who won't help since I have an outdated version.  I have an appointment with the Apple store genius bar tomorrow so fingers crossed! I just figured I would throw this out there just in case there was a simple fix. I realllllly don't want to have to pay to update the software. CS6 is crazy expensive. From what I can tell from the message boards is people have eventually gotten it to work, but they're all just a bit different circumstances than mine (like they just updated the OS rather than having a new computer so CS was already loaded on the computer). Any advice would be appreciated!

OK. Onto the post!

I edited some colors on my prints, yall! And before you go thinkin' I paid $$$ for these mats and frames, I'll let you in on my secret..

I buy matted frames from thrift stores and paint them. They are usually $2 and below!! What a deal!!!!!

Exhibit A: 

You might find this, look at the back and think "oh nos, I can't get the back off".

But it's nothing a little exacto knife can't fix! I just cut right next to the frame. The professionals who frame things place these on there to cover up the ugly metal holders, picture tape, etc. so it really is only there for looks. 

There are these tiny staples around the edges that are fold down over the picture backing. I simply shove my flathead screwdriver under them and lift up. Be a bit careful because of the glass.

Of course the one I was using as an example had the staples going through the foam backing. This usually doesn't happen, fyi.

After that, just push the glass from the front to remove all the pieces. The picture is usually taped to the mat, so remove it, and then spray paint all the pieces you want! 

Sometimes I leave the mat as is, and sometimes I paint it.

I went with some bright colors this go around. I actually chose the paint colors before changing the print colors. 

I'm digging this kelly green.

This is one of the mats I painted along with the Lil Wayne print (it's for sale in the Etsy shop, yall!). 

The back doesn't look too bad with the paper removed, now does it?

Now this color was hard to photograph. I used the neon pink spray paint, but it was a matte finish (as opposed to glossy that I usually use). I do not recommend this using this type of spray paint.. it took TONS of coats. I think it's made for posters (to stand out for yard sales I guess). You can kind of see the label in the dining room pic above, but I have forgotten what it's called.. thorry. I do know that it was in the specialty spray paint section.

I also spiced it up a bit by painting the edges gold (with a brush so I didn't have to tape and spray).

It's on the inside edge as well! 

I used neon green on the other two, just like I did on the one for the art show back in May. I'll be taking these babies to Artwalk! September 7 and 8th in Bham (in case you forgot). 

Now, I don't want to start a bidding war, but I am willing to give away these pieces I removed from the frames...

Yes, that is a duck swimming past a dock, and a cat who is waiting to give you a daisy. Who wants 'em?! 


  1. I paint thrift store frames too! But then I use the print out of the frame to do a craft I found on pinterest. You use letter stickers to write a message, then spray paint the whole thing. When you pull off the letters the design in the background looks pretty cool!

    1. I saw that on pinterest! I've been meaning to try it out!