Monday, August 6, 2012

hoot hoot!

I am a night owl, yall. It's about 1:30am, and I just posted a bunch of stuff on Etsy, and thought I'd let everyone know! 

I added more prints (some that I had at the art show back in May) and I am also starting to add thrift store finds. First up was the horse head bookends. I have more thrift store finds that I haven't even shown you yet (if you can believe it!) that will be listed soon.  

Don't worry, I will introduce everything on the blog before throwing them out to the world. We are, after all, BFFs. 

In bloggie design news, I added the huge Etsy link button on the right over there. I also edited the Fish + Line Design button at the top, so now it actually goes to a page on the blog with some info rather than going directly to the Fish + Line Design site. 

Just tryin' to make things easier up in this B. 

You're welcome. 

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