Thursday, August 16, 2012

i feel like..

This is what I feel like right now:

I only wish I had this song playing while I am running around! 

The art show is so close, so I have to hit the ground running with making string art and other goodies! I will be hibernating at home this weekend making everything my little fingers can handle. I meant to get the pictures posted of the new pavers. Nope, they're not laid down yet, my ma and I just piled them up next to the side yard, so they're ready! 

My ma came to town Monday for a tax seminar, and she brought her riding lawnmower to help me tackle the jungle that was growing in the backyard. There were weeds that came up to my waist, and my motor-less push mower was not going to handle them. Naturally, the lawnmower wouldn't fit through the gate in the backyard, sooo what did I do? I took the chain link fence apart. When I went to put it back together today, it didn't fit back correctly. OF COURSE. One step forward, two steps back. After all the mowing, cutting down bush branches, dragging them to the street, and unloading pavers from the trailer, I am POOPED. We also unloaded ma's car because she brought me lots of goodies to transform, so be looking for those coming up! THANKS, MA!

I'm hoping to sneak a couple tiny house projects in this weekend! Fingers crossed Mother Nature will lay off the rain for a couple hours so I can paint.. 

Shout out to Binky for making me watch the shrimp video. We video chatted tonight, and she wants me to help revamp her house in Auburn (aka the house I use to live in). It definitely needs some updating, so get ready for that house dive/projects! I'll be going down there a lot for football games, soooo several opportunities for progress pictures. YAY! 

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