Tuesday, August 28, 2012

big ol' string art

What so quietly passed this past Saturday? 

Just the bloggie's 2nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR SWEET BLOGGIE! We have come so far together! You started out just telling the story of when the house fell apart right after we moved in, but you have evolved so well. Like a fine wine (HA! what's that?!). From writing you, I have discovered tons of DIY bloggies which have inspired me to keep producing projects and rolling out posts for all to enjoy. You're the best! MUAHH! 

Onto the next post! 

So one of the new projects I alluded to last week was the big ol' string art. Instead of highlighting a city like I usually do with the smaller string arts, I just made a big state and filled it in with string! 

This baby is about 3 feet tall. 

And quite webby! 

I like her a lot, and I've gotten a good response.. at least from the neighbors and roommates! 

My roomie so nicely took a picture of me holding it up so you could see how big it is! 

Of course I had to do a cheerleading pose with it! 

I decided I should try a "regular" size one in the same style, so I did one the same size as the city-state string arts.

Look how cute the mama and baby look together! haha

Naturally this was happening two feet away.. 

Just scho schweet! hahaha! 

Soooooo what's happening this weekend? OH JUST THE START OF FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! 


I feel like I've neglected this upcoming awesomeness because of the stress building up to the art show, but don't you worry, there will be SEC updates. And I do not give 2 shizs if this is solely a DIY bloggie, I will write what I want. (I saw some survey where people don't want bloggers to write about things off subject. I guess they aren't from the South). 


And SEC! 


  1. That huge one is amazing!! You must have a lot of patience!

    I could not find your contact info. Would you please shoot me an email at eclecticallyvintage@gmail.com when you get a minute.


  2. What kind of wood do you use and how did you map out the state? You bama is awesome as I am from there!!

  3. Love this idea. I too was wondering what kind of wood you used and where you got it! (For big and small one)