Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tin bama

I mentioned working on some new projects, and here it one of them! 

A tin Bama! 

I totally take back saying the tin is easy to cut... this was not easy. My little paws hurt while maneuvering the metal shears. But the juice was worth the squeeze, my friends! HA! The tin is magnetic, so this baby will make a perfect place for peeps to hang their notes. 

Of course I had to slap a magnet on there for you to see.

And naturally I placed it over my favorite city..

(Auburn, duh!)

I think I'm going to stab some holes in the top to thread some rope through to hang it. 

Of course I can't get through a photo shoot without one of these..

I'll be back with pictures as soon as I add the rope..

Would you like to see the side porch pavers?!?! I told you we stacked them up on the side of the house, and they're still there waiting on me to get to work.

Nothing fancy. They remind me of subway tile. I initially thought about laying them in a running bond pattern...

but now I'm considering herringbone, because it looks awesome. Ok fine, it also has my name in it (equally as awesome).  

This picture below is actually pressed concrete (pretty cool), but the shapes are similar in size to my pavers. 

What do you think?! My concern is having to cut the edges that would lay against the fence and porch. Although I guess I wouldn't have to lay them at a 45 degree angle, and just line them up with the existing porch.. decisions, decisions. 

Here's what's happening at the gate right now. Remember I told you I took the fence apart? I had to rig it up so that the pups couldn't escape. 

I unscrewed all the nuts and bolts, and pulled this sucker out of the ground when my mom was here so we could get the riding lawnmower into the backyard. 

Good lord, I am such a dude. 

I tried to stick it back into the hole the next day, and of course, it wouldn't go back in the final two inches or so that it needed to for the fasteners to fit. So what did I do? I tried to dig around the tiny 2 inch wide hole, and it knocked about 4 more inches of dirt down in there. GREAT! 

What an awful picture of the hole! haha! I don't know why I didn't move the twigs out of the way, but you can see it's about 3 inches at the mouth, and once it goes further down, it's about 2 inches wide. I'm going to have to get an auger from Home Depot. I checked their website, and they make a small planting auger that should do the trick (as opposed to renting a ginormous earth/fence auger). An auger is a metal spiraled post, and you use it to drill into the ground to remove dirt. Kind of like a big ol' drill bit. The smaller ones will fit in my drill, sooooo bonus! 

Cross your fingers that it works so I can cheaply fix my redneck fence. 


  1. I LOVE the herringbone pattern! It would probably take more time and could be a pain but I think you'd be pleased with the results so it would totes be worth it!