Wednesday, August 29, 2012

paint chip art

Or should I say paint CHEAP art? Amiright?! 

I had a friend on Facebook comment about paint chip art (hey Katie!). She said something along the lines about how stores are probably not too thrilled with the explosion of paint chip art on Pinterest with people coming in just for free paint chips. 

I thought the same way, until I got the itch to try a project. I found an obscure sized frame from the thrift store, and I thought it would be easy to make a fun pattern with some paint chips. So I started gathering, but soon found myself totally paranoid while grabbing tons of paint chips in my stomping grounds of Home Depot and Walmart. So I came up with a little method..

First off, I only grab paint chips when I am going to buy something else, so I'm not technically coming in just to take some free samples. Since I get paranoid, I started grabbing different groups of colors on each trip (like one trip I'd grab all blues, then the next all greens). That way if anyone is watching me, they'd think "Oh, she's just painting a blue room and can't decide what color!" I've also embedded this "rationalization" into my mind, so if an employee came up to me to help, I would automatically (although probably nervously) say "Oh I'm just painting my room blue, and can't decide what color!! Tehehe. Yes, from navy to light blue, I just can't decide so I'm grabbing one of each!" Then it would probably take a weird turn where I start making up furniture and pillows I already have picked out for this so called room. If I sense someone watching me, I pick up a few chips and compare them, as if I'm actually considering buying some paint.. By revealing this, I know I'm flying my freak flag high. Who else plans these stealth missions to gather paint chips?!? 

Anywho, here is my completed project! Tadaaaa! 

For this particular layout, I used a different color for each square. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I got a square punch from Michael's (it's like a whole punch, but it's square) to make the cutting easy. 

Naturally I took a Diesel creeping picture. At least you can know the scale of the project from these shots, right?

The squares are actually raised up inside the matt board, so it's a bit three dimensional. 

I did another one as well. I can't decide what I think about it..

It's not my favorite. I couldn't decide if I should do a random pattern or more of an ombre/progression from gray to green. I went with random, dagnabbit. 

These puppies will be for sale at Artwalk! September 7 and 8 y'all! 

My booth with be in Easy Street, which is on 1st Avenue North, so come see me! It starts at 5pm on Friday night through 10pm, and goes through Saturday from noon to 6pm. Come see me! 

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