Tuesday, September 4, 2012

football weekend

Do you want to know how excited I was about the first football game of the season?! 


The SEC headquarters is located here in Birmingham. At work, we had a college football kickoff party, and I was on the committee, so we drove over to the SEC headquarters to pick up some prizes for the raffle we were having. I looked like the biggest tourist.. Oh well, I was excited for football!

My ma took us to Atlanta since Auburn was in the kickoff bowl playing Clemson. Here is my oh-so-chic little sister. Yes, we tailgated with some Clemson peeps, but make no mistake, that dress is navy. 

I thought this shot was funny. Both teams are the tigers, and let me tell ya what really wasn't that funny: when people kept saying "I'll tell ya one thing, I know the tigers are gonna win". Hardy-har-har. 

My ticket! Someone told me the seats were pretty good, but I think I squealed when I got to them.

We were 12 rows up! HOW EXCITING! 

And look who was there! My sweet baby Cam! 

That's him in the middle with blue jeans and navy shirt. This was a "navy" game (meaning the AU fans wore navy) and I thought it was nice he participated. I only wish he had been able to participate in the game. Le sigh. I'm so mad we lost the first game of the season. The only plus side is it's not a conference game, so there's still a chance! I mean, Alabama lost one last year, and still went all the way, right? 

In other news,

It's officially ARTWALK WEEK, YALL!!!!!

I got a lot of string art finished today for the show, including these two beauties: 

I announced this on Facebook earlier today, but guess what?!? 

I'M GOING TO BE ON TV ON WEDNESDAY PROMOTING MY ART!!! EEEEEEE! I was contacted by the producer of Talk of Alabama after she had seen some of my work on Etsy! That's a show on ABC 33/40 here in Birmingham. I am super excited!!!!!!

And a tiny bit nervous. EEK! I think they might put the segment online, but if they don't, I have already pre-recorded it on my dvr, and I will not hesitate to tape it on my phone to get it on the blog for you fine people to see. Unless I fall on my face or something embarrassing like that. 

Cross your fingers for me! 

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  1. Tv! That's awesome, good luck! I'm still hoping I get down to the art walk on Friday, so hopefully I'll see you there!