Tuesday, September 18, 2012

finally a W and a birthday!

Yesterday was one of my very best friend's birthday! My dear sweet Katie is a few months younger than me, so welcome to 27, my friend! You may have recalled me talking about Katie before on the bloggie. We have been friends since kindergarden and are currently roomies! How many people out there have known your bff for 22 years? This is what she had to say about old age: You know you're getting old when you have to buy 2 boxes of candles. Haha! 

I love being in charge of decorating the cake, so of course this year was no different. A few days ago I saw something on Pinterest I knew I had to try..

Gum lettering! 

It looks pretty neat in real life! I used the ever classic bubble tape.

I just eyeballed the length of the letters and cut the bubble tape with scissors. Since the icing was a little thick, I had to carve into it with a knife just a little bit before sticking the gum into it. Pretty nifty, eh?! The only complaint I would have is that the bubble tape is a little flimsy, so some of it didn't stand completely straight. I think sticks of gum would work well (I believe they are just a bit thicker). Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! 

In weekend news...

My sweet baby Auburn Tigers finally won a game. I've only been alive for one other season where we started 0-2, so it was quite a relief to pull this one off, especially since ULM had just beat a ranked Arkansas the week before.

I didn't take pictures during the game, but it was HOT in the stadium. Like I had to get out of the sun and sit under the shade hot. Here's Binky, Caroline, and I after the game. 

pic via Binky 

I did get to take some shots of my favorite place later on in the evening.

It was full of toilet paper! EEEE! 

Tons of it everywhere around my poor poisoned trees..

These night time pictures are a bit deceiving of the state of the trees. I found this one below that my mom shared on Facebook. Isn't it just the saddest thing? I think they were extra covered in toilet paper because it might be one of the last times people get to take part in the tradition. I fairly certain they won't be there next year.

Many people don't understand the tradition or why these trees are so important to Auburn. I will spare y'all the novel of reasons of why/what I think, but I will say this: It's really sad when there is something you take part of with your parents and grandparents then it's destroyed so your own children and grandchildren can't experience it. 

LSU is coming up this weekend. It's gonna be tough. One of my favorite Auburn blogs, warblogle.com, wrote this hilarious article today about it, and you should check it out if you're already thinking Auburn doesn't have a chance. I'm so excited for this weekend! I can't wait for all the corndogs to arrive in Auburn! (Click here if you don't get the corn dog reference..HA!)

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