Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Artwalk has come and gone, everybody! I had tons of fun, sold some stuff, and made lotsa contacts. I barely took any pictures, but here are the few I have. It was real dark in there. My mom came to help me (thank goodness!). 

We were allowed to set up on Thursday night, so I took the big stuff and some of the smaller things I had finished. We bought some tables from Sam's and sheets from WalMart to use as table cloths. Thank goodness my stuff is colorful, or else it might have blended into the darkness. 

The show started Friday at 5pm, and when we got there that afternoon, my name was on the sign outside Easy Street! EEEE! I was so excited! 

(Please bear with me with the iPhone photos). 

The walls were navy, and the lighting was less than desirable, so I bought a couple of clip lights and attached them to the corners of the tables. I brought a bunch of wood from the carport to lift up the tin flags in the middle, and mom and I brought tons of picture stands to hold up the shorter items. 

The string art was by far the most popular, along with the funny stationery cards. I wish I had made more of the big string arts and ones with hearts around Auburn and Tuscaloosa. Some people told me they had seen the art on Talk of Alabama. How exciting! 

There was so many people! I barely sat down the entire time! I took several tiny string arts on Saturday to work on, since I figured it would be really sparse early on in the day. It was not sparse, but I did get some finished. People bought almost all that I had. Mom and I took a radio to listen to the Auburn game, along with keeping up with it on our phone apps. All I can say is I'm glad I had Artwalk to keep my spirits high! 

Gosh, I was real excited about that lanyard.. haha! 

I was so tired after it was all over, but I can't wait to do it again! I am still putting away all my supplies that have been spread from downstairs, upstairs, and out to my car. Please cross your fingers I find my very important little notebook filled with people whose orders need filling (basically the most important thing I took from the show). 

Are you ready to see more house projects?! Once I get all my orders filled, the side patio is the first thing on the agenda. I also have several thrift store transformations waiting to go up on Etsy. So many activities! 

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