Thursday, September 13, 2012

the case of the mysterious glasses

So it is almost 2am and I have officially freaked myself out, so figured I would write about the mystery that occurred earlier today/technically yesterday.

I got home from work and the dishwasher needed to be unloaded. My least favorite chore for some reason, but there were dishes in the sink so it needed to be done. I unloaded all the dishes, and started re-loading the dishwasher with the stuff in the sink, and I noticed a pair of eyeglasses just sitting there next to a pan. Weird, eh? I just put them on the windowsill and went about my chores thinking maybe someone accidentally dropped them in there. 

Later in the evening, I was sitting in the den, and Kate asked whose glasses they were. I said "Oh, I found them in the sink. I figured they were one of y'alls." Both of them wear glasses, but not all the time. In fact, I also have glasses, but I only wear them when I'm going to sleep. Well they weren't either of theirs. I brought up that they could've been Katie's boyfriend's, but he hadn't been at the house. My next thought was that they were my mom's. She left quite a bit of stuff during her stay here this weekend, so I asked her about them (I'm still waiting on a response). But that still doesn't explain how they got in the sink.. They are far-sighted (aka reading glasses) and have a weird glue-like substance over the screws.

They weren't there last night (Tuesday), and they weren't there this morning when Katie put her cereal bowl in there. She hadn't been in the kitchen since she got home, so I was the first one in there for the day around 6pm. 


I was not too worried about it until I got in the shower and freaked myself out (I shower before I go to bed). There are only a few logical explanations: 

a. Someone came in here, didn't take anything, but poked around and left their glasses in the sink. 
b. My mom left her glasses here, and somehow one of the dog's deposited them into the sink.
c. Ghosts

When I was in the shower, I kept thinking someone was going to jump into the bathroom to attack me. Sometimes I get paranoid, and I create these elaborate "what if" scenarios in my head. I had to sing Hakuna Matata to calm me down enough to finish getting conditioner out of my hair. Who does that?! Twenty seven and I still sing Disney songs.. However, it is logical though, right? Someone gets into the house, somehow accidentally drops their glasses into the sink, hides out upstairs, and jumps out to attack little ol' me once everyone has gone to sleep. 

My eyes are getting heavy, but I just felt like I should write about this mystery since I couldn't sleep. I will keep everyone posted if there are any new developments..


I sent my mom a picture of the glasses, and they aren't hers. I also asked my neighbor who has a key if for some reason he happened to come over to borrow something in the kitchen. Nope, he did not. And as far as I can tell, nothing is missing (jewelry, computers, etc. are all there). 



  1. Now I just want to know where those glasses came from. Also, I listened to Hakuna Matata on the way to work today because of this post. Good times.

    1. I JUST found out what happened and posted about the case being closed! Haha! I'm glad you whipped out the ol' Disney tunes. They get stuck in my head quite often.