Monday, September 24, 2012

stream of consciousness

Ugh, sorry for the lack of posting. Not only do I have a million string art orders, but wedding season is starting up, so I've had multiple save the dates I've been working on. 

And let us not forget football season. 

Auburn just had 2 home games in a row, and it just about killed me. There are FOUR in a row at the end of the season. Pretending to be a college kid is fun, but I've gotten to where I need about 2 extra days to recover.. Not to mention the fact that it takes a couple of days away from projects when I'm out of town. I brought some boards, nails, and string with me to Auburn this past weekend, which is laughable because WE ALL know it just sat in the car the entire time. We have an off weekend coming up this weekend which means I'll be hanging out with my string art the. entire. time. 

I went to Auburn on Thursday night last week. I was not going to get caught in traffic on Friday, so I took the day off work. I was talking to roomie Katie before I left, and she was talking about getting the new iPhone 5. When she asked me if I was thinking about getting it, I said: well this one has to survive this football season before I get the new one..

Famous. last. words.  

Gah, I should've knocked on wood. I was taking pictures of Samford Hall while walking back to my sister's house and I dropped it on the sidewalk. Ol' swearing Herring came out in full force. How could Sammy do this to me?!? (Sammy is what I call Samford Hall for those who aren't aware). I was so mad. I've had this sucker over a year and was so proud of my non-cracked screen. 

At least it still works. I have a screen protector on there that's holding the shards of glass together.

(Note: I have so many emails because I get my work email on my phone. And I wasn't about to go through them all so I left them.. Also, I don't check voicemails.)

Can you see that the screen saver is my niecey pup, Possum? She is a nut.

Saturday was game day, and it was packed. It took forever to get inside, and I was terrified I would miss the eagle flying. 

But I didn't! I was there just in time. I practically ran up the ramp. 

I had a feeling all day that we were gonna win. It's the same feeling I got when we beat #2 Florida back in 2007.

Sadly we did not win. BUT we played better than we have all year. When you hold the #2 team in the county (LSU) to a 12-10 game, you KNOW you're improving. Watch out, everybody else! 

On Sunday, we had a yard work day at my sister's house.. it was miserable. Below Binky was being a vegas feather dancer with the branches.

Three swearing Herring's yelling at each other. Can you imagine?! hahaha I am dying laughing as I write this. Mom kept crazily ripping the branches down, cutting me, Binky, and Colby (bink's roommate) with minimal cuss-age from us. But when Binky accidentally cut something too soon and it whipped mom in the face, you would've thought you had just poured water on the wicked witch of the west. Now I'm not comparing my ma to a witch, but the instant screeching reaction was priceless. 

Look at that big pile of sticks! 

Have I mentioned on the bloggie that Binky is walking again? She still has the nickname Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg, but at least she can get around now! Sadly, she can't wear heels, but it's real nice for me to wear them and be her height. HA! 


Did y'all catch that elusive post I made about the mysterious glasses? Turns out it WAS my roommate's boyfriend. He had brought them in here to clean for his friend that was waiting out in the car, and accidentally left them in the sink. Why the friend didn't notice he didn't bring them back is strange, but I'm super relieved someone hasn't been hiding out somewhere in the house!

Case closed! 


Did I mention I'm going to be in ANOTHER art show?! It's called Art & Music on the Green, and it's here in Hoover (basically Birmingham). There's another wine/beer tasting event at the same time called Uncorked on the Green. It takes place Saturday Oct. 13, and guess what?

They are getting me to do the poster and tshirt design! I just sent the lady the proofs, but I want y'all to see the one I hope she picks: 

Yes, you read that right. FREE ADMISSION! There's gonna be beer and wine tastings, y'all! I'm super excited! 


Have y'all seen this video? It's called Hot Cheetos and Takis, and it's sung by these kids, and it is hilarious! It's so funny to me for them to be singing about snacks.

Let's be honest, if I had to rap, it would probably be about snacks too. 


  1. Omg I would die of a nervous tick if I had that many emails and missed calls left unchecked on my phone. I HAVE to have it at zero. :) ha

    1. HAHA I had many people tell me that. I just wrote a little update under the pictures to explain myself!