Monday, January 21, 2013

ampersand interiors

I have some exciting news for everyone! I have paired with one of my artsy friends Bonnie Browne to open a booth at 5th Avenue Antiques here in Birmingham! We met at Artwalk last September. Bonnie designs jewelry, and it is SUPER cute. We happened to be in the same space during Artwalk and just hit it off. I confessed that I really liked transforming furniture, and she exclaimed that she did too. Thus our new venture was born..

Ampersand Interiors
Get it? Because it's she AND I.. or should I say she & I.  Hardy har har! Bonnie has her own company with Bonny Bee Designs, and I have Herring Design Co., so rather than merge our names into something creepy (HerringBee?), Bonnie came up with Ampersand Interiors. Genius.

Here's what we're working with so far:

It's just in its beginning stages. We've had it for about a month and are still working on filling up the space, but I couldn't be more excited about having this booth! We have created a Facebook page where we will update everything we put in there, so go like it y'all! I even made a logo for us!

 Since I will be adding stuff, along with Bonnie, we will each be showing our transformed pieces on our own blogs before we add them to the Ampersand Interiors fb page. Her style is more Shabby Chic/antiqued, whereas I am more Mid-Century Modern/pops of color. Something for everyone, eh?! Click here for a link to Bonnie's blog

You may remember this (oops, grainy) Instagram shot from a few weeks ago, and this project is what I was alluding to! 

That's Bonnie on the left as we setup on the first day! 

If you head to 5th Ave. Antiques, our booth is upstairs right behind the staircase. Just walk up there and turn around (ours is in the corner). We are conveniently right next to the Theatre Downtown! YEAH! What a great location!

Just to show you that we are RIGHT next door. I really need a wide angle lens..

So go on and get to the Facebook page to learn more about our inventory, like Bonnie's glazed table and chairs,

my mid-century modern chairs, her antiqued table,

and my little green cutie. You might've seen this puppy on Instagram (ilikewhatimherring) or the Herring Design Co. fb page this weekend!

I'll do a before and after post in the next couple days on this baby along with the wood and white dresser in the back there below.

EEEE! I'm so excited to have an outlet for my furniture obsession! I've completely run out of room at mi casa. I'll be sure to update you on the look of the booth as well, as it will progress once we add art and doodads. 

PS: This is my 200th blog post! HOW EXCITING! Let's try to make it to 300 before the year is out, shall we?! 

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  1. Great post! Great introduction to Ampersand Interiors!!! LOVE!