Thursday, January 10, 2013


You know what's dumb? I made three new state string arts that I hadn't done before for holiday orders, and I didn't take a single picture with my fancy camera!! UUUGGGHHH!

 One of them I didn't even get a shot with my phone! Here are the couple I did get:

Oklahoma City, OK!

It was for one of my dad's friends (who happened to order a Tuscaloosa one as well). I dig it! 

I had an Etsy order for New Jersey!

Sorry for the terrible pictures. Again, they were on my phone, and I was in a hurry to finish and package them up after it got dark so I could run them to the post office before they closed. It never failed that I would think about pictures the very second that I sealed the big envelope they were shipped in.. CURSES! 

In addition to these, I did a Tucson, Arizona one and forgot to take a picture.. tears..

So I'm going to show you this Dothan one again, because I love her. 

Ain't she cute?

If this damn rain/muggy-ness in Birmingham would stop, I'd start making these glorious new art pieces that are living in my head.. 

Cross yer fangers! 

(damn redneck voice coming back..)

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