Wednesday, January 2, 2013

puppies for christmas!

Hello my lovelies, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited to be starting off 2013 doing what I love with Herring Design Co. Let's have a look at what has kept me from blogging the past couple of weeks! 

I had a few orders for pet paintings for Christmas. I love doing these! First up was Henry!

Ain't he cute?

The next two were for the same customer! One was for his mom's fam and the other was for his dad's fam. The funny thing is they are both named Rock, and they both know how to rock some Christmas outfits. 

Rock I had some awesome antlers and scarf action going on.

Rock II was sporting his Snuggie that he got for Christmas. 

How cute! I also added some more states to my string art arsenal during the holiday rush, so I'll show you those in the next couple of days. I have tons of holiday awesomeness to recap for your viewing pleasure, so look for that coming up as well! WOO! 

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