Tuesday, January 29, 2013

buffalo chicken dip

I felt like I was on a roll there getting blog posts out everyday, and then it all went south. I'm scho schorry. 

Since the Super Bowl is coming up (and I haven't had time to edit all the pictures from my weekend trip), I thought I'd share the recipe to one of the best dips ever. My roomie Katie made it a while ago, and she had gotten the recipe from her sister. I know the recipe by heart now, because I've made it 4 times within the past month. 

It is that delicious.

I had a few of the ingredients leftover to make myself this tiny batch..

It usually fills up a big ol' 9x13 pyrex dish. That's it below, half devoured (probably by moi). 

2 blocks of cream cheese
2 cans of canned chicken
1 cup of buffalo wing sauce
1 cup of ranch dressing
1-2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese


(go ahead and preheat the oven to 350)
1. Let the cream cheese sit out to soften, then spread it on the bottom of the pan.
2. Mix chicken (drained), ranch, and wing sauce together
3. Pour mixture over the cream cheese in the pan
4. Sprinkle cheese on top
5. Grab yourself a brewsky and tell everyone how awesome their life is about to be after you introduce them to this dip
6. Pull out the deliciousness once the cheese starts bubbling (about 15 minutes I think)

and one last step.. this is very important..

7. let it cool down! 

Pizza rolls have nothing on this dip, y'all. You will burn the top 4 layers of your tongue off if you don't follow step 7.


PS- I know, the canned chicken is a bit of a turn off, but it's really not bad! The first time I had this dip was the first time I had canned chicken, and I was a bit skeptical beforehand. I couldn't tell a difference due to the delicious saucy, cheesy goodness. 

I went to market this weekend in Atlanta, and it was glorious! I'll have a post all about it soon. Of course I went to IKEA, so I'll have some updated decor for you to see as well.

And just for aww wees.. 

my sweet Diesel man. 

"Pet me, pweez"

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